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Letter 1: Teaching Lessons in Portuguese Already

September 22, 2013

How’s it going? I’m doing pretty awesome! I love the MTC! It’s awesome here. I love my district. They’re all such great guys. I sent you a letter yesterday. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to email until next P-Day. But, they surprised us, and told us we can do laundry and email home today!

So, the MTC is incredible. I love the spirit here. They just kinda throw you into it. I taught my first lesson on Friday. In Portuguese. Gosh it was rough. My Spanish helped a lot, but I also was very frustrated that I could say things in Spanish, and couldn’t in Portuguese, so I ended up saying them in Spanish anyways. Our investigator is cool, and said “Entendo”, “I understand”.
I taught my second lesson today and it went well! I still couldn’t say much in Portuguese, and I still couldn’t really understand his answers to our questions, but with the few words I did know, I felt the spirit as we taught him to pray. It was incredible. I know that I will pick up the language fast.

I love my district. They’re the 9 coolest guys anyone could ask for. It reminds me of the dorms, but a lot more mature, clean, and spiritual. My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Kimball. Yes, of relation. He’s super good at music. We went into a classroom this morning and he sat down at the piano with two other missionaries singing. They make magic. They were all impromptu-ing out of a hymn book, but it sounded like they had practiced for weeks. They’re doing the musical number in church tomorrow, so it’ll be cool. He also has released an album and is going to finish his second when he comes home from the mish.

Thank you guys for the dearelders, they were great! Tell everyone to write me! It’s free and easy on, and it’ll be cool to hear from people in the outside world! Oh. And tell me how the Utah BYU game goes. It’s going on down the street and we can hear the crowd, but not the announcer or score.

Tell people to write and send packages!

Love y’all,

Elder Weeks

P.S. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, so I’ll send some to you next Friday!


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