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Letter 4: The Other Connor Weeks/General Conference High

October 12, 2013

Hey guys, it’s me again!

[Editor’s note:  When we were making Connor’s travel plans with the Church, we found out that another Connor Weeks was going to Brazil on his mission (different mission than our Connor), and hadn’t received his visa, and entered the missionary training center the same day as Connor.]

Before anyone asks again, yes. I did meet the other Elder Connor Weeks. He actually lives just on the other side of my floor and just got his reassignment to Nampa, Idaho. Not sure where that is, or how cool it is, but it’s where he’s going! A story, I went to the health clinic to pay for a flu shot that they gave me, and it was supposed to be about $20.00. I start talking to the receptionist and she starts naming off all these vaccines that I got and that I owed over $200.00! Turns out she had the other Connor Weeks as well! By the way, when you mail me, make sure it says Elder Connor Steven Weeks and has my unit number 166 on it, otherwise they get sent to him because his middle name is first alphabetically. He’s brought me a bunch of mail that’s not his.

I’m starting to try to write in only cursive now in my hand-written letters. I want to be able to have beautiful penmanship by the time I come back home. So if you get a letter from me, and it’s impossible to read, I sincerely apologize. It’s not my fault.

Conference was awesome, right!?! I felt that every single talk applied to my life and the missionary work that I’m here to perform. I went into conference with about 5 or 6 questions that I wanted answered, and received an answer in conference to all of them! My favorite talk has to be President Uchtdorf’s talk in the Priesthood Session. Everybody should look it up on and read it.

Link to the talk he is referring to if you would like to read it:

For the devotional on Sunday night, Vocal Point came to town (probably because we just sat through 10 hours of talks and whatnot). And by came to town, I mean drove up the road a little ways. They were awesome. I was hoping for a poppin’ concert with sick beats, maybe a little crowd surfing, who knows? But we got a super spiritual concert where they sang and shared their testimonies and it was great. Parker O’Very from May Hall is in Vocal Point now. I didn’t know that.

[Another Editor’s Note for those who haven’t heard of them:  Vocal Point is an a cappella group at BYU]

After Vocal Point, they had a bunch of movies (recorded talks) that we get to choose from to watch. I chose to watch The Character of Christ. It’s a talk by David A. Bednar. (I think I’m harboring a little man-crush on him). The talk was life changing. It pointed out what I need to do different in my life. He talked about Christ, and no matter what happened to Him, He always turned out and helped others, never thinking of himself. It shows me just how far I need to go still. I’m not perfect at this, but I’m trying! I’m trying to love everyone and serve unceasingly. Whenever I get down, instead of sulking and wishing I had Taylor Swift song to listen to, I try to serve others, and though it’s hard, I feel the love that Christ had for other people as I serve them. Just watch/read/study/enjoy that talk as well. It’s literally life-changing.


My district put together an arrangement of Ye Elders Of Israel to try out for the special musical numbers that they have at every devotional. Sister Nally said it was the biggest group that she’s ever seen try out! And……. we got put in the yes pile!! Hopefully we get told that we’re singing for a devotional sometime. It’s exciting.

Write me please!! My district hardly gets any mail, and now that I’m in charge of picking it up, it’s sad when there is hardly any!

(Mom and dad post a plea like this on my actual facebook plz)

Elder Connor Steven Weeks
2009 N 900 E Unit 166
Provo, UT 84602

Eu amo a vocês y oro para vocês cada dia.

Elder Weeks

Oh, since everyone’s asking, my companion, Elder Ririe’s from Pocatello Idaho.


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