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November 5, 2013

What’s up guys!

Things are going awesome here in California. I’m here in the Redlands mission in a town called Yucaipa. It’s a cute little town. The scenery down here kind of looks like Radiator Springs from Cars. Big deserts and canyons and mountains everywhere. It’s pretty.

My trainer’s name is Elder Null. He’s from Indiana, so we’re the midwestern boys. He’s a cool guy and he’s been out for about 4 months. In his last area, the Saturday before we met, he got a ball off of a roof at his old house for his neighbor, then decided he was Superman, and jumped off the roof and broke his foot. Good news: we get a car and I get to drive it. Bad news: he has a broken foot. He’s got crutches and hobbles everywhere, but we get the work done that we need to.

We kind of ‘opened’ a new area together. Technically it’s already been open, but it used to have 1 set of missionaries, but now it has 2, so the other set in our ward is all set up with progressing investigators and less-active members to teach, and we’ve got pretty much nothing. We’re trying to get our feet on the ground by meeting with active families, teaching them the lessons, and hoping for some referrals or friends that are interested. It’s something, but it hasn’t panned out to much so far.

We’re not supposed to really tract (knock on doors), because there’s more efficient ways to get teaching done. What hopefully will eventually happen, is that we’ll be constantly teaching people interested that the members of the ward find for us, but it’s taking a little bit to get going.

We’re living with some Elders in the Spanish Branch, so even though I’m speaking English, my Spanish is getting better. Which really doesn’t help anything once I get to Brazil. I can pretty much speak 1 1/3 languages right now, instead of the almost 2 I used to be able to speak, but on the bright side, I can contact the homeless guys in the park that only speak Spanish!!

I did get cussed out for the first time the other day! We were enjoying a nice lunch in the park with the other Elders, talking about what we should do, when a guy comes blowing by on his motor scooter, cusses us out, and then drives off. We all just kind of laughed it off, but I felt bad for the family that was in the park.

The work is good, the ward is good, we just need a little bit of time to get our feet on the ground here and make it a good area.

So yeah, I forgot my camera at home. My bad. But I’ll make sure to send double the pictures next week!

Love y’all, and don’t forget to write!!

Elder Weeks


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