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Letter 15: Merry (Late) Christmas!

December 31, 2013

Well, here in Yucaipa, it’s still really warm and really hilly, but I’m getting a lot better at riding the hills. We’ve ridden a lot, and I actually feel like I’m getting in shape out here. It’s good to see this. My goal was to lose 10 of my mission pounds out here on this transfer, but the members love us SOOO MUCH that they just keep giving us candy and cookies and cupcakes and all manner of sweets. It makes it hard to lose, but it’s an excellent test of willpower.

Anyways, this week was Christmas! Woohoo! It was kind of strange not being at home. I missed all the traditions and stuff we had back home, but it was alright. We got like 8 missionaries together on Christmas morning and opened up all our Christmas presents together and had a blast. Then we went to our Ward Mission Leader’s house and had breakfast/lunch/Skype with the family. That was awesome to see all them again and talk with them. Shout out to Ethan whose voice has dropped like a full octave. Like what the heck, man? I’ve only been gone like 3 months. It’s crazy. Then we went to Jeffrey, our less active’s house for dinner. He and his mom made us Nicaraguan tamales. They were pretty dang good. Overall, it was a good Christmas.

I was kind of hoping that the Spirit of Christmas would get people excited to learn about Christ and all he did for us. Nope, not really. BUT. We actually did pick up an investigator this week. He’s part of a less active part member family. A couple weeks ago when we first talked to him, he and his family were looking for a new church to go to, but we missed the boat on that one. They’ve started going to a new church, but hopefully he’ll recognize the truth of our message and his inactive wife will follow along. We also talked to a guy in the park that ended up being pretty cool. He started looking into religion to shut up Bible Bashers so he could confound them, but then he realized the truth of the message and now considers himself a Christian. We’re going over there and reading the Bible with him, so hopefully we can bring up reading the Book of Mormon sometime and he’d be interested.

My mom told me my emails were too short, so I tried to be a little longer in this one. I love you all and y’all should write me!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346



Elder Weeks


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