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Letter 16: Feliz Ano Novo!

January 6, 2014

Happy new year everybody! It’s finally 2k14. We’re still just doing work down here in Yucaipa. Working hard all day, sleeping all night (from 10:30 to 6:30). Every morning we wake up and try to light our heater. And every morning, it doesn’t work. It’s about 55 degrees every morning. It makes it really hard to get out of bed, but we do it anyways! It’s nothing compared to the frozen toilet I heard about back home.

This week we picked up two new investigators. I don’t remember if I told y’all about Steve we met last week. We’re going over there to read the Bible with him and teach him a little about the gospel. He’s really funny. A super quirky guy, throws knives, yoyo-s, loves the Bible, and has an awesome dog. He’s a cool guy. Not sure how much interest he has in the gospel, but he sure does love Jesus. He’s a fun guy, so we’ll keep going over there. Our other investigator is a guy named Adrian. I haven’t met him, because they contacted him on exchanges with the ZL’s. But, I do know he’s from Belize. So, that’s cool.

So, this week was a good week for food. I got adventurous enough to buy some bagels, so I’ve been eating some bagel sandwiches pretty much every day. So good. I made a breakfast burrito one morning when I was feeling a little creative. AND, I got steak twice this week. Once on New Year’s, and the other time when I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Pretty spoiled out here in Cali.

One scripture that’s been on my mind this last week is D&C 123:17. We have to do all things in our power, then, we just sit and wait to let the hand of God become evident in our work. I really like this scripture and I’m gonna try to exemplify it, especially waiting for the visa and opening this new area.

Love you all,

Elder Weeks


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