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Letter 17: Miracles!

January 16, 2014

Hey guys,

How’s it going? It’s going pretty good down here in Cali. I’m loving it here and becoming engrossed in the work.

This next week, we’re going to be singing with the choir in Stake Conference a song called ‘Miracles’, and that’s been the theme of this week. I’ve been praying to see the hand of the Lord in this work, and he’s definitely shown me that. Many have happened, but one I want to share with everyone.

Sunday night, we got home from dinner at like 7:20, and didn’t want to go out. It’s a 15 minute uphill bike ride to our area, and we didn’t have any set appointments, just a couple of people that we were going to stop in on that probably wouldn’t let us in. BUT, we set out anyways. It was freezing, and it was a quiet ride, nobody on the street to talk to. We rode the 20 minutes to the first house, and got turned away. The second house, somebody came to the door, looked out the window, and left. Woohoo.

So, when we don’t have things to do on nights like this, we ride through a couple of trailer parks (people 55 and older), looking for people to contact (after 8 PM). So we went through one, just chatting about miracles as we rode, and nobody was out. We decided to go through another one, and we rode through about half with nothing, then some guy was getting a ride home and getting dropped off at his place, so we talked to him. It turns out that he’s interested, so we set up a time with him to come back. He texted us as we were riding home, talking about how he prayed last night to meet nicer people than the crowd he’s hanging out with, and asked to see an angel. We were the answer to his prayer. And we thought about not even going out that night.

This is just one of the miracles that happened this week, and it just fills me with so much joy to see these things happening. But, like Ammon, I boast not in my own strength. We didn’t do anything to get our investigator that was so against the Book of Mormon to read it. We didn’t make it so that a street contact we met was visiting another, more interested, street contact for a week and now we’re teaching him. I know that God is helping this work along. I know that everyone’s prayers are helping us. The Lord is hastening the work, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

Write me, because I love you guys!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346



Elder Weeks


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