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Letter 19: New Ward, New Work

January 27, 2014

Hey everyone,

Sorry about last week. It was a crazy week and I didn’t have any time at all to do anything. But, this week I’ve got plenty of time and plenty of things to write about. So here it goes!

Being here in the Millcreek Ward is awesome! I’m with an Elder named Elder Perkins. He’s from Herriman, Utah. He’s a super cool guy, super hard worker, and I’m super excited to be working with him. The ward is a little bit bigger than the Yucaipa 2nd ward, and a little bit hillier, because it’s closer to the mountains, but I love it. We’re actually the only set of missionaries in our entire zone that don’t have a car, we’re on bikes. It makes the hills fun to go down, but even more fun to go back up. I actually prefer it to being in a car. You get to be out, be seen, talk to everyone. It just makes me feel more like a missionary. Another cool thing about our ward is that it’s got the Redlands temple right in it. We go to church right across the parking lot from the temple. It’s so cool to pass by it every morning as we go out to work. It keeps your mind on the work and what you’re out here to do. To, you know, save souls.

Speaking of which, this ward is on fire when it comes to missionary work. We just had a stake conference this past weekend, and that got everyone pumped to be member missionaries. Every member we talk to says, “Yeah, I’ve got 1 or 2 people that I’m talking to about the gospel. Hopefully you can start teaching them soon.” That’s the best thing a missionary can ever hear. We don’t have any people investigating the church yet, but so many potentials are coming out of the woodwork that it’s just getting me super excited to be here.

Well, I learned a couple things this week. I learned that I am NOT allergic to bee stings. Score one for Elder Weeks. We were just sitting on a corner on our bikes, waiting for an appointment, and all of a sudden, I see a bee on my shoulder, start flipping out, trying to smack it and stuff, then it just stings my neck and moves on with its life. Or death. Whatever. We got the stinger out quick and it didn’t really hurt as bad as I remembered it hurting when I was like 7.

I also learned that I need to teach simply, and not try to explain everything as in depth as I can. We were teaching this potential investigator, absolutely golden kid, about faith out of Alma 32. And if you read it, it talks about these poor people that got kicked out of their synagogues, so they’re all complaining to Alma that they can’t worship. He teaches them that they don’t need to totally give up their faith and stop believing in God because they were kicked out, then proceeds to teach about faith. Well, I was introducing this chapter, and basically said you don’t have to come to church to worship God, because I was trying to explain everything. Luckily, he’s a cool kid, and we were able to finish the lesson and have a good discussion about faith, but it was just a shameful moment for me. But oh well. You live and you learn.

And I learned how to skid my bike tires really well and fishtail out. 🙂

Hope this makes up for last week!

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

Elder Weeks


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