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Letter 20: Dear John (jk, I don’t have a girlfriend)

February 5, 2014

This week was just another week in the Mill Creek Ward. We really front-loaded our week this week. We got 23 total lessons, but on Saturday and Sunday we only got 1 lesson each day. We just saw everyone that there was to see during the week, and everyone has social lives outside of talking with the missionaries (What? Who does that?). We basically spent the entire weekend biking from place to place in the windy 60 degree cold. It’s a rough life. But I love it. It was kind of discouraging to not be doing anything on those days, but 23 lessons isn’t that bad.

This week, we received a referral that seems to be promising. His name is Paul and he owns an orange grove. He wanted to donate a bunch of unused oranges to the Bishop’s Storehouse and just seems like a super nice guy. He’s interested in learning more. I think it’s my first received referral that might actually turn into something, which is awesome. We also didn’t have anything to do before dinner one day, and we just decided to ride around the only trailer park in our ward and met this lady named Xochitl. We street contacted her, and she said it’d be cool if we came over and studied the Bible with her. So, we’re going to be headed over there sometime this next week. It was really funny when we brought up our street contacting in Ward Council. With the new focus on member missionary work, they all pretended to be really surprised when we did something and found someone on our own.

We also got a new Ward Mission Leader. He’s so on the ball. He’s already personally invited seven members to bring friends to church next week. He’s got a whole plan to get Ward Missionaries into each auxiliary each week to keep missionary work on the minds of everyone in the class. I’m really excited to begin working with him and start seeing the fruits of these great changes.

I love y’all, and I’ll take more pictures of Elder Perkins and myself this week, I promise.

Write me!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346



Elder Weeks


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