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Letter 21: Snow in Sunny Southern California!

February 11, 2014

What’s going on guys? Here in Mill Creek it’s just the same ole same ole. Preaching the word, riding our bikes, making friends along the way.

One of the craziest things that happened occurred last Monday. We had dinner at our Young Men’s president’s house, up in Forest Falls. The sky looked kind of like it was threatening rain, (which was good, because we hadn’t had rain since before Christmas and we’d fasted for rain the day before). So, we got a ride up there, into the mountains, and by the time we got out of dinner, the rain had started falling down in Redlands, but up the mountain where we were, we had snow! So, even though I’m in Southern California, I’m still seeing the snow that y’all are getting everywhere else. Though maybe not in the same quantity, but I still feel it.

This week, we met a guy named Kooson. One of our ward missionaries that’s waiting on his mission call was playing basketball in a park, and met Kooson. They started talking, and the missionary invited him out to church. He came and said he felt something that he never had before. It’s pretty cool to hear him talk about it. We had dinner at our ward mission leader’s house on Thursday, and then shared with him a discussion on the Plan of Salvation. He loved it, and wanted to talk about more about the gospel with us again sometime. The only hard part is that he actually lives over the hill in Yucaipa, back near where I was in my last area, so unfortunately, we’re going to have to introduce him to the missionaries that need to be teaching him in his area, but it’s still great to have met him.

Something I’d like to share that I learned this week comes from a talk by Cleon Skousen called The Meaning of the Atonement. It’s an incredibly thought-provoking talk given to a group of missionaries in Texas about the Atonement, and why it was necessary. Yes, you can google it and find it quite easily. And don’t be afraid when it comes up and it’s an hour and twenty minutes long. It’s one of the most powerful witnesses there is on the Atonement. He shares a lot of things out of Alma 34, Amulek’s witness on the Atonement, talking about how the mercy provided by the Father and His Son can overcome the justice that needs to take place in the world. However, my favorite insight he shares is when he mentions Abraham, nearly having to sacrifice his son because God said so, but getting called off at the last moment. He mentions how God commanded him to do this because He wanted at least one earthly father to know how it felt to sacrifice His Son for the sake of the world. And He did all of that out of love for us. I don’t have children, but just thinking about that makes me feel so sorry for Abraham, and by extension, God. So whenever we sin, we’re looking at that infinite, eternal love, and saying ‘No, I don’t think I want that today’. It’s heartbreaking to even think about. It makes going against God so much more personal. But that’s why there was an Atonement made. God knew that we weren’t perfect. Just like Nephi, temptations easily beset us, but we know in whom we can trust. God infinitely loves us, and all He wants is to have us back to live with Him again. And He’s provided a way for us to do that. 

I’m so glad to be a missionary, and I’m so glad to share this testimony I’ve gained of Christ with everyone. Those of you that are members, I invite you all to invite one person to church this week. Invite them to experience the spirit that’s felt there in our church meetings. And if you aren’t a member of our church, I personally invite you to come to one of our services. I can promise you that no matter what is going on in your life, there’s peace to be found at church. I have felt that peace and that love in my life and want you to do the same. 

I love you all,

Elder Weeks


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