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Letter 23: I Need a Bike Lock

February 25, 2014

Hey everyone!!

I had a nice, pretty email all typed up right here, then the computer decided to delete it. Love you too computer. Hopefully this one is equally as great.

This week we had Zone Conference. All the missionaries in our stake all gathered together to hear from President and Sister Van Cott. It was a great experience and I learned a ton. Including how to lock my bike up. We haven’t been locking our bikes, since we’re in the nicest area in the mission, but after the inspired counsel from the mission president, I think I’m going to have to actually get a lock for this bike.

Something else President focused on was working with the members. It’s through the members that the stellar converts come. So, he encouraged us to work with them more and extend better invitations during dinners. He also wanted us to get them to pray for investigators in our district. (Something that he already mentioned weeks ago, and we’ve already been doing). Then the stake president came in and told us about things he wants us to share with the members in our wards. He kind of bragged on us, because we’ve already given him one of those prayer lists, and he announced in front of the entire stake of missionaries and the mission president that we were already doing it. Gave myself a little pat on the back after that one.

We also had a baptism in our ward this week. It was the sisters’ baptism, but we got to be witnesses to the ordinance. It was a super spiritual experience, but right when she got out, the new member heard that her friend was just barely taken off of life support. At least she now has the gospel to know that she will see her friend again, and everything will turn out all right.

As for the work, we’re probably going to have to hand our only investigator over to a ward in Yucaipa soon. He lives over there, and they should have been teaching him the whole time, but it’s all right. He’ll be taken care of over there. We just need to find some solid investigators for ourselves. I have faith that it can happen, because I’ve seen it happen before. I’ve seen an area go from nothing to a whole teaching pool, it’s just gonna take some work and mighty prayer.

I want to hear from you all!  Write to me!

Love you,

Elder Weeks


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