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Letter 25: Whitewashing an Area is Really Hard

March 10, 2014

This transfer’s starting off great! I’m liking my new area already (maybe because it’s only 2 square miles and easy to walk or bike). But I like the ward already. The mission office is actually inside of our area’s boundaries, so it makes getting mail and supplies very quick and easy. My area is the poorer, more ghetto side of the ward, so the people that we contact on the street are the best. A lot of drunk, homeless people. They like us because we’re someone to talk to. This one guy we talked to, his name was Dino (like from Flintstones). He offered to mess anyone up that messed with us, but didn’t use those words. I appreciated the offer for help.

Workwise, whitewashing an area is really hard. I’m with an Elder Vakameilalo. He’s from Hawaii, and is both Tongan and Samoan. It makes being from Kansas kind of lame, but that’s alright. We also have a lot of Polynesians in our ward, so they bond, and he gets us fed a TON. We stopped in on a Samoan family last night to meet them, they asked if we had a dinner, which we didn’t, so immediately they got out a whole dinner seemingly out of nowhere. I had heard that Polynesians liked to eat and to feed people, but I didn’t know it was true.

I want to say that this last Friday was the hardest day of my mission so far. We had no set plans, the people we tried to see weren’t home, there was a wind coming off the high desert bringing in a ton of pollen, so my allergies were going crazy, I wasn’t used to walking so much, and I was so stressed with the new area. I even had to go to the mission office and beg them for some Benadryl to fix my allergies. It was a hard day. But, the only way to get over those hard days is to work hard. So that’s what we did. I wanted to stop so bad, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t let myself. So when hard times arise, instead of just quitting, it’s better to turn to the Lord in prayer for help. My favorite scripture I found this week is in the Bible, Matthew 26:41, talking about how the Spirit is willing to overcome temptation, but the body is weak. I know that if we trust in the Lord and lean on his power, we’ll be blessed and upheld by him and can overcome anything that gets put into our path, whether it be being tired, allergies, anything.

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week. I appreciate the prayers and hope that you are all seeing and recognizing the hand of the Lord in your lives.


Elder Weeks



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