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Letter 26: I Shook Hands with an Apostle

March 17, 2014

What the heck, I’ve been out 6 months? As of tomorrow, I’m officially not a greenie anymore. Until I get to Brazil, and have to go through the 12 week training program again. Woop woop. Ahh well, looking back on it, it doesn’t feel like I’m a quarter of the way through my mission, until I think about it, then it does. I’ve already been assigned to three wards, been in a car, on bike, and on foot, and met a ton of awesome people.

Something I have noticed, though, is how time goes slower if you’re paying attention to it and looking forward to a date. When I was approaching 5 months, I kept track of how many more days till that unimportant milestone, and the days felt soooooooo long. I’m just trying to forget myself and go to work here. Nobody in this ward outside the missionaries knows I’m a Brazilian Visa Waiter. This is kind of on purpose, because my last ward had a visa waiter before me, and he talked about how he wanted to go to Brazil so bad all the time, and the members didn’t appreciate it. I’m here in the Redlands Mission for a reason. I was assigned here by an Apostle of the Lord, and I know that this is where I’m supposed to be. D&C 51:16-17 is the classic Visa Waiter scripture. I’ve got this land for just a little season, so it’s time to ‘act upon it as for years’, and work my heart out here.

This weekend, Elder Neil L Andersen came to our mission, and our stake. At the mission conference, where we were combined with the Rancho Cucamonga Mission, Elder Andersen talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He spoke about how we all know that Christ died for our sins, and we can feel a remission of them through Him, but it can do something else for us as well. Ether 12:27 talks about how He, through His grace, can make anything that is weak unto us, strong. I take great comfort in that scripture. ANYTHING that is a weakness to us, He can make strong. Just think about that. Anything at all.

We’ve shared that message with one of our two new investigators. His name is Michael, and he is 11. He is involved with a lot of bad stuff back home and at school, and doesn’t want to anymore. We invited him to pray whenever temptation came up at school. The next time we saw him, he shared an awesome experience with us about how he was being called names at school, and usually he would retaliate, but he prayed, right there on the playground. He prayed for the strength to overcome the names and be alright with it. After that, he just felt calm. That’s an incredible testimony right there.

I love you all! And y’all can write me if you wanna! I promise I’ll write you back!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346


Love you,

Elder Weeks


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