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Letter 27: Slow Week, Good Week, Hard Week

March 27, 2014

Hey everyone, y’all doing good? I hope so. So this week has been a strange one. It’s seemed to have flown by, but last P-Day seems like forever ago. I could have sworn it was two weeks in one. Workwise, this week was slow. We only got about 10 lessons in. Anyone else just wasn’t home, didn’t answer, or wasn’t interested. This week should be better though.

I want to share one experience that happened last P-Day that is incredible. It all hinges on something Brother White sent me in an email a couple weeks back. It’s something he called Faith Proselyting. You set out from the apartment with a specific goal to accomplish, such as hand out a Book of Mormon. Then, you go out and work until that goal has been met, and don’t come home before it. Well, last Monday, we had about an hour before we needed to be in after doing some service, and no set plans. We decided to try this out.

We set out with a prayer asking Heavenly Father to place someone in our path that would accept a Book of Mormon, and then at every major intersection, we prayed and asked which way we should go, and tried to follow the Spirit in our decision. We set out, and were very faithful, believing that we would receive, because I’ve seen prayers answered over and over. Well, we’re walking, and there is NOBODY out on the street. There’s no reason to be out on the street in Highland after dark, unless you want to get shot or something. (kidding). But we were finding nobody to talk to. It was about 8:40, and we had talked to one person who was a devout Seventh Day Adventist. We set back towards our apartment, and I kind of actually began to doubt. I knew I couldn’t let myself do that, so I tried to maintain a positive attitude. We walk into our complex, beaten, at that point I had given up. But, this woman named Debbie we had talked to earlier, and prayed for her friend, comes around the corner. We started talking about her friend, and the member she works with, and she happily accepted and promised to read the Book of Mormon.

I know that God answers sincere prayers. I know that the promise in Matthew 7:7-8 is true. Whatever we ask, if it’s His will, he will give it to us. He loves us and is mindful of each and every one of us. I know that He’s preparing people to receive the gospel here in Highland, and it’s our job to find them.

Some more quick things. We got an investigator to church, and he said he loved it. We also learned that another of our investigator’s mom has full custody of him, so she’s the only one that decides whether or not he gets baptized, and she’s supportive already. Things are looking up. I don’t feel like we’re both new in the area any more.

Thank you so much for the prayers and everything. Y’all are the best. The work is hastening, I can feel it.

Much love,

Elder Weeks


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