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Letter 28: The Best Laid Plans

March 31, 2014

Highland is an awesome place. We’ve got the mission office right here, and it’s the most ghetto I’ve seen on my mission so far. We were talking with one of our investigators just yesterday about how he wouldn’t even walk the streets at 7 o’clock at night, let alone 9 o’clock when we are making our way home. I don’t know, it’s weird. If I weren’t on a mission, I’d be scared out of my mind to walk the streets, but being with my companion, and having the Lord on my side, it’s kind of funny to walk the ghetto. I’ve never seen so many wild shopping carts in my life! This week, I’ll take pictures of all of them and take you on a safari with carts in their natural habitat!

This week was a slow week to begin. Nothing really worked out the first three days, and it ended up just being a lot of walking around trying to contact people which didn’t prove successful. It was pretty stressful, but Elder Vakameilalo and I realized that we weren’t planning as effectively as we could, with backup plans and trying to make sure that we would never have any dead time, even if things fell through.

We planned these effective days, and guess what. By putting back-up plans, our original plans actually started working out more often than they usually did. Starting Thursday, we had a couple of awesome days where we stayed busy and saw everyone that we needed to. That’s just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father wants to bless us, we just have to put in 100% effort and then it will all happen. I’ve heard something from a couple of people out here on the mission, one of my favorite quotes. ‘We have to pray like everything depends on Heavenly Father, then work like everything depends on us.’ That’s definitely true out here on the mission.

One of the highlights of this week was working with our investigator, Brian. He’s kind of slowly been progressing, and been really flaky on appointments, so when we invited him to a baptism at 6 on Sunday night, we weren’t expecting him to show up at all. Then, at 5:45, while we were at dinner with a member, he texted us and told us that he was on his way. We hurried and got a ride from the member (whose wife is related to people I knew in both Yucaipa 2nd and Mill Creek. Small world!) to the baptism. Brian had an awesome experience there, and afterwards, basically asked, “What do I need to do to be baptized?” Like wow. We’re getting the members in our ward to pray for miracles in the lives of our investigators, and there’s one right there. It’s incredible. We ran through the qualifications for baptism in Doctrine and Covenants 20:37, and ran through the baptismal interview questions. He seems like he has that desire, and we just need to teach him the doctrine that he hasn’t quite grasped yet, but he’ll get there! It’s a process, I’m just glad the Lord is helping it move along!

Well, I love you all, and look forward to our shopping cart safari next week! 🙂

Write me! I still promise I’ll write you back!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave

Highland, CA 92346

Love you all,

Elder Weeks


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