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Letter 31: I’m Kind of in Brazil

April 21, 2014

Time goes by strangely on a mission. I’ve heard it said that, ‘the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days’. Well, I can tell you that that is definitely true. It’s impossible to believe that I’ve already been on my mission for 7 months. It feels like just a couple weeks ago, I was at home playing Wii and stuff. Every transfer before this one, there was at least some kind of change that happened, kind of breaking the time up, but with no change this transfer, it’s weird! I’m starting to love this ward, and am super excited to be here.

Last week, our 11 year old investigator and his mother came to church. She wasn’t interested in learning about the gospel before that, but she was fully supportive of her son learning. Well, anyways, we went over there for our normal teaching appointment on Tuesday night, and she brought up some concerns, talking about how a few of her beliefs didn’t seem to match up with ours (which we figured out that they did after a little discussion). Anyways, long story short, we picked her up as a new investigator! Now we’re teaching the full home, and soon we’ll hopefully start teaching the other family that lives in the house as well.

Friday was the new hardest day of my mission. I remember when 6 weeks ago, I told you guys that that was the hardest day of my mission. Well, it got harder. 🙂 On Friday, everything we had planned fell through. Everything. We walked around Highland for around 6 hours without a break. I literally thought my legs were going to fall off. It’s super easy to get discouraged at that point, but I think that’s when we need to be the strongest. That’s when we need to push through and stick to our guns and what we know to be true. That’s where we’re tried. I honestly probably could have done better, I’ll admit. We ended up sitting for half an hour doing nothing, we were so beat. But that’s something I’m working on.

On a happier note (and explaining the title), Alex Evans, my friend in Rio de Janeiro Brazil right now emailed me this picture.  He said that he went to somebody’s home in Brazil, and when they came over, they paused the TV and my face was there! This was from a women’s soccer game last year at BYU some friends and I went to. It’s cool to know that I’m in Brazil, even though I’m officially the last visa waiter in the Redlands California Mission!

Connor Soccer Game

Thanks everybody for the Easter wishes, and I hope y’all had a great Easter as well!

Love you all,

Elder Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346

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One Comment
  1. Darci permalink

    I cannot believe the coincidence of Alex walking in a home, and on the TV seeing Connors face! What are the odds???? I’m sure it was both a treat and a surprise for Alex, too! Love reading Connors letters!

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