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Letter 34: Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday)

May 12, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday..) to all those women out there! Y’all are awesome and have an incredible role in society! Honestly, the world would fall apart without women, so thanks for being there for us. And shout out to my family for being there always and me being able to see them yesterday on Skype. Technology nowadays, isn’t it great?

This week, I had to opportunity to attend a Mission Leadership Council with the head of proselyting for the entire church. (Basically what that means is that he’s in charge of all the missionary work and how it’s performed in the whole world.)

We were excited because he could talk to us about the “next new thing” in missionary work, but he just pointed us back to Preach My Gospel, the manual on how to be a missionary. He talked a lot about going back to the basics, teaching simply, planning effectively, talking to everyone.

So I could talk about the basics of missionary work all day long, but that wouldn’t apply to y’all. I’m going to tie it into normal every day life. Sometimes, we forget about the basics that we should be doing in our lives, like reading scriptures, praying morning and night, those kinds of things. But even more basic than that is just being nice to one another!

Imagine a world where everyone is nice to one another. Imagine a world where there was no road rage, no fighting, no yelling at one another, nothing bad in the world. Christ explains in John 13:34-35 that that is how you can really tell if a person is a disciple of Christ, if they love one another. I just want y’all to know that I know that if we all tried a little harder to be a little nicer, the world in general would be a great place. Every person that we see in the supermarket, in traffic, at work, at school, everywhere, is a child of God. Our brothers and sisters that we should love.

I struggle with this sometimes. Walking down the road, seeing someone walking the other way and judging them immediately because they’re different than me. It’s hard to not judge. But it’s not our place to judge either.

So everyone, just do a ‘good turn daily’ as the Boy Scouts say. Do something kind for someone you wouldn’t usually do, and you’ll feel that Christlike love grow within you. And that’s a promise.

I love you all, and hope this was a good letter. I try to make these nice and uplifting for y’all, so let me know how I’m doing!

And shoutout to Ethan for turning 14 tomorrow!


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The incredible amount of food I've started eating with a Polynesian companion

The incredible amount of food I’ve started eating with a Polynesian companion

My awesome family!

My awesome family!



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