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Letter 37: Loving it in the Desert

June 2, 2014

I love it up here in Yucca Valley. It’s so much different than anything I’m used to seeing, it’s great! The landscape is so different than Yucaipa or Redlands or Highland or anything. And the area we cover is huge. Half the roads are dirt. It seems like every direction is uphill, and the wind is super strong up here. But I love it! I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite area so far.

Since it’s a whole new world, I think every week, I’ll send home a picture of a new desert plant/creature so that y’all can get a feel for what I’m experiencing here. This week is the most striking plant out here in the desert. It’s called a Joshua Tree. The story goes that there are two places in the world where these grow. Here. And Jerusalem. The climate is just right for it and the elevation and everything. They love their Joshua Trees around here. They’re a protected species. If you want to build where a Joshua Tree is, you have to uproot it and move it to a different location. But if you don’t face it the exact same way, it will die. There’s even a town in my ward named Joshua Tree. Man. They love Joshua Trees. I personally think they look kind of weird.

My new companion is named Elder Merenluoto. He’s from Murray, UT. Where my grandparents live! He’s been on his mission for about 6 months. And he’s been in the desert in this ward the whole time. He’s pretty cool. When I saw his name on the transfer sheet, I thought he was Polynesian, but his name is actually Finnish. He was born in Finland and moved to America when he was 7. But when he was there, he and Santa were BFFs. We’re getting along great, working hard, and trying for miracles here in Yucca.

That’s where y’all come in. We need your help. D&C 29:6 talks about people being united in prayer, and us being able to receive what we ask for. This ward is awesome. I can feel the missionary spirit here that’s about to explode. I’m so excited to be here at this time. And so we just wanted to ask y’all to help us out with this work, to be united in prayer with us. It doesn’t matter who you are, how you pray, or where you live. We just want your prayers. Our goal for this transfer, this 6 week period, is to find 4 people and bring them closer to Christ through the waters of baptism. If y’all would pray for us, we would appreciate it. We’ll be working hard and doing everything that we can to achieve that goal as well. So as we work together, I’m sure we can see the miracles come. Thanks for all you guys do for me.

I learned that mail actually does get forwarded here. That whole “desert exile no contact with the outside world” thing is just a myth. 🙂 So y’all can still mail me at:

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave

Highland, CA 92346

Thank you all for everything, and I love you all!

Elder Weeks

Yucca Valley landscape

Yucca Valley landscape

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

My companion and me with the biggest dog I've ever seen!

My companion and me with the biggest dog I’ve ever seen!

Elder Merenluoto and Me

Elder Merenluoto and Me


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