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Letter 39: Just Another Miracle Story

June 27, 2014

So this week, I forgot to get a picture of a desert peculiarity. Sorry team. I was really excited to see one, but then I was too busy doing missionary work and stuff to snag a picture of it.

But this week was awesome! It’s amazing to see the hand of the Lord in this work. A quick little story that happened recently. So, we had a cool day planned, really excited to go out and do work, and we had a couple of appointments scheduled for way up a big hill for later in the day. So we went about our normal morning routine, and both our appointments had cancelled up at the top of the hill. Well, there’s been a big focus on planning and following plans because the Lord is preparing people wherever we go. Especially where we plan to go.

So we were going through our morning, and biking around, a couple more appointments stood us up. And I was riding (on another missionary’s bike, because I had a flat), getting super excited, and bouncing up and down as we went along the road to the beat of Called to Serve. It was a good day, feeling great, wind through my hair, and at that moment I forgot how to land back on my bike, so I wrecked all over the road. Ripped my shirt and pants, scraped a nice big raspberry on my elbow, but I knew that we needed to continue. Elder Merenluoto told me that we needed to go back home to clean up, but I knew we had to follow our plans. Yeah, I may be a little stubborn. But it was only bleeding kind of bad. Not too much. And I washed it out with a water fountain at a park, so it was alright.

Anyways, we continued. We persevered our way up the hill. And instead of taking the regular way, riding our bikes on the roads, we decided to go up and over the mountain in the middle of our area on a dirt trail. We had to walk the bikes up and go nice and slow down the other side. Well, we got up to the area we were supposed to be. And still had no idea why. There was a park, and we just sat in the park and folded thank you card/white shirt things. Then we get a call from one of our members.

He had had a falling out with his wife. They were on their way to a wedding, got into it, he jumped out, and hitchhiked home. He asked us if we needed him to go out with him to a lesson or anything because he needed the Spirit back in his day. It turned out that as we were riding to the park, he was in the car that was following behind us and we kind of got in the way of. We went over to his house and shared a message of hope with him and helped him just feel better.

If we would have been at that corner a minute earlier or a minute later, he wouldn’t have seen us, and thought of us, and he would have just had to sit on his sadness. But God’s timing is perfect, and he is the author of miracles, so we were there at the exact right time to help one of God’s children out in his time of need.

We still have that goal for 4 baptisms by the end of this transfer (July 6th). so this is another week for miracles. Many mighty miracles are inbound, and we’re working towards them by doing all that we can. We have the faith, we have the prayers, all we need now is to “stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.” D&C 123:17.

Thank you all for all the prayers. Y’all are awesome. This is one of many things we’ve seen in the work out here. I wish I had time to write them all out, but I guess that’s what we’ll talk about after the mission!

Love you all, and keep in touch!

Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346
Selfie on Truck Day (We get it once a week!)

Selfie on Truck Day (We get it once a week!)

Hey, Shawnee's in Kansas!

Hey, Shawnee’s in Kansas!


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