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Letter 41: Why I’m a Missionary

June 30, 2014

Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s edition of Desert Plant Scavenger Hunt. The plant of the week is called the Cat Claw. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the proper name for it, but we call it that. What’s special about it is that on each branch, there are thorns that are shaped exactly like cat claws. These claws point back towards the roots, so you can go into the bush, no problem, but coming out, you hit tons of super sharp thorns like barbs trying to hold you in. So yeah, just another fun plant!

Cat Claw

Cat Claw

I love this area. I love the ward. I love missionary work. This ward is awesome. This week, we found 4 new investigators and taught 22 lessons. That’s twice the lessons we got my first week here 5 weeks ago. The ward is supporting the missionaries fully, loving us, supporting us, caring for us. They’re finding people for us to teach, (which is the greatest thing you can do for a missionary). We’re having fun, being obedient, and experiencing true joy.

This week, I’ve learned exactly what it means to be a missionary.

Preach My Gospel says it perfectly. And this doesn’t just apply to missionaries. It applies to all members of the church. “Your task is to live worthily, pray fervently, and learn to recognize and follow courageously the Spirit’s guidance.” It’s from chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel. I don’t know the page number, because my book isn’t on me. But that’s our task. To be able to follow the Spirit and his promptings.The Gift of the Holy Ghost is incredible. I took it for granted before my mission. I thought it was just something you got after you were baptized, then they do the object lesson where it’s the ‘comforter’ and they put a blanket on you, and that was it. I’ve been really thinking and appreciating this gift God has given us. It gives us the opportunity to know what God wants us to know whenever, and wherever we want.

I just think how bleak and sad and empty the world would be without the gospel. I think about how happy my life is with it. And that’s what I want everyone else to know. The joy, hope, and pure happiness that can come with the gospel and this church. That’s why I’m on a mission. To help everyone I meet. And even y’all back home. If these letters can help you to increase your faith, and come unto Christ, then my mission is successful. Thanks for supporting me always through everything. I really appreciate it. I love you all, and hope y’all have a blessed week.


Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346

Sometimes Joshua Trees are silly!

Sometimes Joshua Trees are silly!


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