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Letter 44: Desert Life

July 23, 2014

This time on Desert Safari, we have found a vicious creature. It’s a cottontail rabbit. But it’s like the one from Monty Python. Luckily we had the Holy Hand Grenade. Nah, just kidding. But it’s running away because it’s more scared of us than we are of it, I suppose.

The Vicious Cottontail

The Vicious Cottontail

This week is an exciting one. The D family, the one that we found in Joshua Tree just committed to baptism! They’re going to be baptized on the 9th of August! I’m super excited for them! These are the people that I’ve been here in California for so long for. I know that they’ve been prepared to receive us and accept the invitation to be baptized. I’m very very excited to see them come into the fold of Christ and make these awesome changes in their lives! 🙂

We’ve also had many opportunities to give priesthood blessings this week. I know for a fact that the priesthood is given to man to speak and act on behalf of God and that authority has been restored into this church and blesses all of our lives. Giving the blessings and hearing people say “That was exactly what I needed to hear”, even though I don’t even remember what I said. Whenever you’re sick, ask for a blessing. Even if it’s a simple cold, it’s always good to have God on your side when you’re battling any sickness.

Sorry it’s so short this week, we don’t have much time. But know that I’m working hard, and continuing to justify my existence here in California.

And in the next couple P-Days, I’ll have a bunch of cool pictures for you, because we’re going to Joshua Tree National Park sometime soon. So stay tuned!

I love you all!


Elder Connor Weeks
7000 Central Ave
Highland, CA 92346
Our view from the top of the mountain

Our view from the top of the mountain


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