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Letter 45: Faith Precedes the Miracle

July 28, 2014

On Desert Dwellers this week, we have a special guest. He kind of lives with us. He’s a good friend and we love him. He’s our mailbox spider! He’s literally spun a cobweb in our mailbox! How neat is that? Anyways, if you want to send anything (and kick this guy out of his home), now would be the time to do it. It’s gonna cost a ton to send stuff to Brazil, so if there’s anything you want to send, it’ll be a lot cheaper and quicker to send it here.

Mailbox Spider

Mailbox Spider

Our investigator family, the D’s, didn’t make it out to church this week. We’re not sure why. They’re still on track for baptism next month, so we’ll continue exercising faith in helping them toward that goal. Other than that, we had an incredible Zone Conference this week where President Van Cott basically explained how to exercise faith and find miracles in the work. I challenged my district to do this. I’ve been talking a lot about faith and miracles with them, so hopefully we’ll see some mighty miracles being wrought soon.

Faith is an incredible thing. It’s how miracles are brought to pass. Basically, faith has become defined to me as God saying, ‘Here you are on the edge of a cliff, and my promise is that if you jump, I’ll make it so you don’t fall.’ He promises us incredible things. All throughout the scriptures and throughout the words of the prophets He promises us marvelous things. All we need to do is trust in Him enough to try his promise out.

A little cultural thing/ fun thing to see here in Yucca Valley is the pipe art found on the corner of Geronimo and Navajo. You can Google map it if you want. There’s tons of different pipe arts, and we’re not sure who makes them. It’s an awesome place to just sit and look at. So many things hiding. It’s like an I Spy book in real life. I took a couple of pictures of a few of the pieces, but it’s something you just have to experience.

Mike Tyson Pipe Art

Mike Tyson Pipe Art

Kobe Bryant Pipe Art

Kobe Bryant Pipe Art

Thanks for all your support everyone!  I love you all!  Write to me or send me something!


Elder Weeks
7000 Central Ave.
Highland, CA  92346


It's hot here!

It’s hot here!


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