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Letter 47: Final American Week

August 12, 2014

So, this week on Desert Plants, here’s something that we’ve literally been playing with all transfer, but I haven’t ever remembered it on P-Day. It’s called a Coyote Melon, we think. That’s the ‘street name’ for it. Basically they’re round little melons that are chock full of seeds. They’re fairly sturdy, and can take a beating. So, as we walk, and make sure nobody’s watching, we’ll pick them up, and see just how far down the downhill road we can bowl them. My record’s about a half mile. It’s fun to watch them roll off into the distance and find them 15 minutes later while you’re walking by.

Coyote Melon

Coyote Melon

Another Coyote Melon

Another Coyote Melon

A story from this week. We were riding our bikes (Side story. I’m really good at crashing my bike on some of these dirt paths we ride, so we just got the bikes back from one of our members that has a bike shop who fixed it all up. So this is on a recently fixed bike) and we were just clipping down the road, made the turn we needed to after riding allllllllllllllll the way across town, and my pedal started feeling wiggly. This pedal is one of those Tour de France clip-in pedals, and I hadn’t ridden on it in a while, so I thought it was just the clip wiggling around.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the clip just wiggling around, and the bolt holding my pedal on had wiggled its way loose. Well, as pedals usually do, it fell off. (Elder Taylor’s pedal fell off literally 2 hours earlier, and we fixed that one at a member’s house.) But we were in the middle of nowhere, and didn’t know what to do. We looked around for the bolt, and couldn’t find it anywhere. Then this guy walks up with his dog. We ask him if he knows anything about bikes. He rode bikes for fun when he lived down on Manhattan Beach. We walk and talk with him back to his place, really close by, and he fixes my bike with a bolt and washer to just ‘Mickey Mouse’ it, as he called it.

While he was fixing my bike, we talked and learned that he used to be married to a Mormon lady, and just learned a lot about him. We know that that was a miracle because we went back to the place where we stopped, and my bolt was literally just sitting there. We were supposed to talk to him, and God’s timing is perfect. It’s cool to see how he puts you in the right place at the right time to help his children out. I’m so humbled to be part of this work in California and am excited to see where the future leads.

This week, I’m going to the temple with all the other departing missionaries. I’m super excited for that. This is so crazy thatthis portion of my mission is almost actually done here in California. It becomes more and more real every day, but I don’t think it’ll hit me until I’m down there and thrown into the Portuguese-speaking world. But I’m ready and willing to do the things the Lord commands. Just like Nephi was.

I love you all and appreciate all the support y’all are to me. Thanks for always being there for me.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the meteor shower today. We hear it’s supposed to be a good one (2am Wednesday is when it’s supposed to be at its peak).


Elder Connor Weeks

Another Desert Sunset

Another Desert Sunset

A Desert Moonrise

A Desert Moonrise

It also flash flooded. This puddle is about a foot and a half deep a day after the rain.

It also flash flooded. This puddle is about a foot and a half deep a day after the rain.


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