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Letter 49: Até Logo, América

August 25, 2014

As you know, the area I’ve been serving the last three months is the town of Yucca Valley. I’ve literally been wondering for the last three months what in the world a Yucca is. I had no idea. Until my temporary companion Elder Bush found a postcard with a Yucca on it. And it’s this! The last entry in Desert Plants Scavenger Hunt is a Yucca. It looks like a baby Joshua Tree, but bushier. And usually in clumps of 3 or 4. I used to call them the Pac Man Ghosts, before I knew they were Yuccas. I don’t know why though.



This week I’ve been in a trio with Elder Bush (Zone/District Leader Trainer) and Elder Nelson (Fresh off MTC boat). It’s been awesome. I’ve been showing them around the Onaga Trail Ward, and I know that this ward is in good hands. Elder Nelson is an inspiration to me. He’s literally afraid of nothing. We went out knocking doors his first night on the mission, and he didn’t even hesitate one second. I wish I could have started my mission off like that instead of being scared.

Well, this is it. This is officially my last week. President Van Cott’s coming by to pick me up in a couple hours and I’m kind of nervous, but still really excited. This is going to be a huge change. But I’m just saying, “Bring it on”.

I’ve learned a ton of things here in America. I really think I was here to learn knowledge of God’s timing. These last couple of weeks before the transfer, while Elder Taylor was here, were really slow. And there was no reason why. We weren’t doing anything different. We were staying obedient; we were exercising faith. The work just happened to slow down super hard. It was kind of frustrating, but now I see why. The area was waiting for Elder Nelson to get here. The first week you come out of the MTC, you’re supposed to take the lead in inviting investigators to be baptized. It’s part of the 12 week training program we go through at the start of our missions. This week, we’ve been able to invite 6 people to be baptized after he got here. It’s incredible. The most I’ve ever seen on my mission. The Lord wanted Elder Nelson to have all these great experiences in his first week of his mission. So I’m glad to have been here for another week, to see all the miracles coming out of this area I worked so hard to start up.

So we have these investigators. It was a referral from Bishop, and we saw them once about three weeks ago. But they’ve been all sorts of busy doing trade shows throughout the country. They went up to Utah with one of their trade show friends a while ago. And they actually participated in a Pioneer Trek with a bunch of youth up there. They felt the Spirit, felt something they never had before, and saw God in their lives. Needless to say, they were super prepared before we even knew about them. They got back this week. (See the Lord’s timing?) We met with them on Thursday, taught the Message of the Restoration, and invited them to be baptized on October 5th. They seemed pretty hesitant and said they’d come up with another date. We thought that was kind of weird. But it happens, so we weren’t too worried. We rode by their house last night, got barked at by their super nice dog, and they came out and started talking to us. They were just inside watching 17 Miracles. And they had just gotten done with watching Ephraim’s Rescue. Those are both LDS movies about the pioneers. I haven’t even seen those movies. And these people that aren’t even members (yet) are watching them. And, through conversation, we realize that the only reason they were hesitant about October 5th as a baptismal date was because they were going to be up in the mountains. And they literally have no other reason not to be baptized. I feel so blessed to have them in my life, and all the people I’ve met on my mission here in America. I’ve loved this mission, I’d love to stay, but I know bigger and better things are coming up.

Thank you for all the prayers and fasting and everything on my behalf. I’m blessed to have family and friends that support me, care about me, and write me.

I love you all, and next time my email’s going to be coming from a lot farther!


Elder Connor Weeks
Elder Bush, Elder Nelson and Me

Elder Bush, Elder Nelson and Me


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