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Letter 50: I Love Brazil!

September 7, 2014
Okay. First off. I need to apologize. My stick thing to get my pictures off my camera is locked in my dorm. You´d think with two things to remember, I´d remember them both. Nope
I arrived after that grueling 9 hour fight. At the airport I had an awesome reunion with my first Provo MTC companion, Elder Kimball. And another surprise. There was an Elder named Elder Frazier that came in with him as well. Elder Frazier was my roommate at EFY the last time I went. Elder Clive from my first MTC district was also here, just a week earlier, so we overlapped a little bit. Super small world.
The Portuguese is returning. I am definitely feeling more confident in my speaking, and making sure that humility is the number one goal. I want to learn this language to help out the people. The hardest part is understanding what the brasileiros are saying. Even if they´re speaking slowly, they still use a ton of words that I don´t know. So the vocabulary will come quickly. I hope.
We´ve had pretend people to teach just like in the MTC the first time, but also this time we´ve been able to go out and actually talk to real people on the streets of São Paulo. They give us an hour and four copies of the Book of Mormon and tell us to give them all out. It´s super fun. Here in Brazil, the people are so much more receptive here than in California. It would have taken a miracle to hand out four copies of the Book of Mormon while street contacting in Yucca Valley.
I love Brazilian food. There´s rice and beans at literally every meal here. And I eat it up. It´s just delicious food. That´s all there is to it.
There are ten of us missionaries in the district. Six Elders and four Sisters. 5 going to São Paulo West. 1 to São Paulo North. 2 to Salvador South. and the 2 of us going to Maceió.
São Paulo is a gigantic city. We drove an hour to get to the temple today, and we never left the city. It´s crazy. I thought Utah or California drivers were insane, but y´all should see São Paulo drivers. They´re something else entirely. But I haven´t seen a single accident yet, so I guess they know what they´re doing. We were excited to go to the temple and it be in Portuguese, but since we were all missionaries from the USA in the session, they did it in English. Kind of a let down, but the temple is still super awesome.
I love the Brazilian people. They´re so loving. We have two in our dorm and they´re super funny. I sang Praise to the Man with one of them in English. It was super funny. They love to speak English. Especially tongue twisters.
We only got one P-Day here in the MTC. The next P-Day I´m going to have is probably going to be not this Monday, but next Monday. I leave Tuesday for Maceió. I´m pumped.
I just answered a bunch of questions people asked about Brazil, so if you want to know something specific, just shoot me a quick email! Talk to y´all again in about a week!
I love you all,
Elder Connor Weeks

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