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Letter 52: Baptismal Font Adventure

September 22, 2014

Brazil’s awesome.

Okay, so I think that last week, I told y’all about the young man that got invited to church by his cousin, who asked us to be baptized, and we put him on date for this past Saturday. Cool.

So, when there’s a baptism in the United States, you go to the church an hour or so before, turn on a tap, and the baptismal font fills with water in 45 minutes to an hour, and after the baptism’s done, you pull the plug, and all the water drains out. Right on.

Well, here in Brazil, you go to fill up the font, and you open it up and see that there’s about 2 inches of stagnant gross water still, and the pump won´t pump it out, so you have to get down in it, and scoop it all out into buckets, then mop everything, and make sure it’s all clean and nice looking. Boom. An hour and a half to do just that. Then, you turn on the tap to fill the font, yeah? The better part of an hour passes, and the water’s pretty much not going any higher. This, in Portuguese, is called `faltando água´. Basically every building has a reservoir high up to hold the water, and it fills up, and the water comes from it, and that’s how you get water pressure. Well, sometimes that reservoir doesn’t have any water. That’s when you `falta água´. This happened once in our house. You really don’t realize how much you like having running water until it’s gone. Every time I turn on a tap now, I say a silent prayer that there’ll be water. This also happened while we were filling the font. The tap in the font wasn´t doing anything, so we needed to pull from other sources. We had a hose running from the closet across the building, and we were running buckets to fill this font up.

Three and a half hours after we started this endeavour, we get a phone call from David’s (The young man getting baptized) aunt, saying he didn’t want to be baptized anymore. Talk about a heartbreak. I was kind of disappointed that we wasted almost four hours filling a font we’d only have to drain, but more sad that somebody decided not to take an awesome step for happiness and blessings in their life. We talked to him, and he said he’s just not ready. I think he’ll be baptized within two weeks, and his friend, and maybe even his grandma too. All together. It doesn’t get much happier than that.

But anyways, Brazil’s awesome. The language is coming along. I can understand more and more of what people say, and they’re understanding me more, so that’s legit. My goal is to be fluent enough in 3 months to be able to train a new missionary. It’s going to be awesome.

Thanks for everything, folks. Y’all are great.


Elder Connor Weeks

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

Elder Eddington at our desks

Elder Eddington at our desks

Our Porch

Our Porch

Our Laundry 'Room" (It's outside)

Our Laundry ‘Room” (It’s outside)

Super hot peppers in our backyard

Super hot peppers in our backyard

The Guard Cat

The Guard Cat


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