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Letter 53: Brazil (pop) Rocks

September 29, 2014

Alright everybody, I don’t have a lot of time this week. (a.k.a. I got so many other emails a.k.a. you guys love me too much). But I just want to give you a little summary of the week.

This week, we found 11 new people looking into the church. 11! The most I had in a week back in California was 4 I think. It was miracle after miracle. I just love talking to people. Talking to people at bars watching volleyball, and turning it into a gospel conversation. It’s possible.

I’d say right now, I can understand 75% of what 50% of the people are saying. The other 50% are people that speak something that is definitely not the Portuguese they taught me in the MTC. People slurring words together, and my vocabulary’s not too strong yet, but we’re working on it. A lot of times I have to just step back and realize that I’ve been here in actual Brazil for only 20 days or so. So it’s a work in progress.

We had two new missionaries move into the apartment. Elder Da Costa and Elder Pierro. They both go home in 5 weeks.

Brazil Fun Fact: Brazilians love pop rocks. We were at an activity for the youth, and were playing pictionary, and the prize for everyone was a little tiny packet of pop rocks. The youth were asking for more and where they could find them, and everything. They love them. And sour candy. I gave our Brazilian roommates some Sour Warheads and they said that they almost died. Then they asked for another.

I love Brazil, and I love all of you guys back home.


Elder Connor Weeks

Elder Eddington and me

Elder Eddington and me

Bottled water we drink so we don't die

Bottled water we drink so we don’t die

All the streets in Brazil look like this

All the streets in Brazil look like this


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