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Letter 54: General Conference in the Other Hemisphere

October 6, 2014

Alright folks, I don’t have much time again this week. BUT, I’m going to make this email awesome. I’m going to do a fun fact about Brazil every week, like the Desert Scavenger hunt. Just throwing out some little differences between the US and Brazil. This week, I bought some apple juice mix (this is strange already). But I made it, and was expecting, you know, apple juice color. But down here it’s like the color of the inside of an apple. Neat, huh?

Brazilian Apple Juice

Brazilian Apple Juice

This week, I want to focus on General Conference. It’s awesome to be able to hear from prophets and apostles that receive inspiration on their messages. Then to receive inspiration from their messages to apply in our lives, it’s incredible! For those of you wondering, conference down here was broadcasted live, and was translated in real time, like the speakers that were speaking in their native language were translated to English in real time. I understood a lot. I was really proud of myself.

The talks aren’t up on yet, so I can’t share them with you, and I don’t know exactly what they said in English, but I really liked Elder Scott, Elder Bednar, and Elder Klebingat’s talks. Especially about Elder Bednar talking about how we as members of the church have this remedy, that has helped us out in this life. Something that has blessed our lives immensely. And naturally, our first thought should be to share it with those people that have the same problems and worries and injuries in life. It’s definitely changed my outlook on how to share the gospel, and once the talks are up, I’ll definitely share my favorite parts with y’all.

I love you guys, and appreciate all y’all do for me!


Elder Connor Weeks

P.S.  Write me!  My address is:

Elder Connor Steven Weeks
Brazil Maceió Mission
Av. Dom Antonio Brandão, 333 Sala 402
Ed. Work Center, Farol
57051-190 Maceió – AL
Or you can email me at
Couscous with tomato sauce, our preferred dinner at home

Couscous with tomato sauce, our preferred dinner at home

Brazilian Money

Brazilian Money

Creativity at its finest!

Creativity at its finest!


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