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Letter 55: One Month in Brazil!

October 13, 2014

Actually, I have 1 month in Clima Bom, plus the time I spent at the MTC, but I don’t count the MTC, because it was a bunch of Americans accustomed to speaking English, that just happened to be in Brazil.

Brazil Fun Fact: They redesigned the money here in Brazil in 2010. When they redid it, they made all of the bills different sizes. To the casual observer (missionary from America), it seems like a poor design and that the bills were cut wrong. BUT, my Brazilian roommate informs me that they made the bills different sizes to help the blind people here in Brazil out with their purchases. That’s pretty smart.

Brazilian Money

Brazilian Money

As for the work here, we have awesome members. The members are giving us tons of referrals to all of their friends, and we’re able to teach their friends. This is every missionary’s dream. However, we’re having a lot of trouble helping these people progress towards baptism. Like last week we picked up 9 new investigators, but about 2 of them actually might be baptized sometime in the near future. I’m not sure how to fix this, so if you guys have any suggestions, shoot me an email! Thanks 🙂

The people here in Brazil are so awesome. I was on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and we went to a lady in their ward’s house, just to mark an appointment with her to teach one of her friends. She invited us in, sat us down, gave us a ton of water, and laid out like 6 bananas and 2 packages of cookies in front of us to eat. The people here are blessed with so much kindness. They’re awesome.

One of our roommates also had a picture frame that he took from one of his apartments. The name on the back was Elder Dinwiddie. Elder Dinwiddie was my EFY counselor back in 2012. So shout out to Michael Dinwiddie, Missão Brasil Maceio!

Elder Dinwiddie Frame

Elder Dinwiddie Frame

There’s a candy here called paçoca (passoka). It’s literally just ground up peanuts with sugar. It’s reasonably inexpensive. Elder Eddington and I decided last P-Day to buy a box of paçoca. We got a box of 100 paçocas for R$14.50. Basically 7 bucks. And we ate them all in less than two days. Mistake? Maybe. Regret? No way.



But anyways, that’s life in Brazil. Keep sending me those emails, and I love you all!


Elder Connor Weeks

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