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Letter 58: There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

November 3, 2014

This week was awesome! We found a bunch of people to teach, by way of the members. They’re helping us a ton, and all it took was for us to exercise our faith a little bit, follow the keys, what our leaders have told us, and diligent effort. But most important of all, I’m happy. And that’s what really matters. I’m doing the best work there is to do, and I’m happy doing it.

We started last week with 3(ish) investigators, and now, after yesterday, we have over 10 fairly solid leads, that definitely will merit some baptisms, children of God brought into the fold. It’s awesome. I’ll tell you about our investigators next week.

Now. Quick story. We got a call from this guy named Joel, who lives in another stake. He said he had a referral for us. We met him on the edge of town and started talking to him. Turns out he’s not even a member, never been baptized, he just likes our teachings, how we help people, and he’s a ‘volunteer missionary’. He took us to a guy named Zeca. Zeca is elite. He went to church with Joel over in the other stake this week, and already plans to come to our ward this week. he’s awesome. Miracles.

The title of this email is a reference to the Netflix series Arrested Development. An awesome series if you haven’t seen it. But anyways, I chose it because we saw a miracle in our area this week.

I receive emails from almost all the Elders in my district from the MTC. I’m gonna retweet something Elder Basden said in his last email. “Also on Thursday, we were walking along, and a car with loudspeakers passed by, selling something. The first time I didn´t pay much attention, but then I listened, and realized they were having a big banana sale. For 3 reais (just under a dollar fifty) they were selling 50 bananas. So I was like “Elder! Am I hearing this right!?“ So we each bought 50 and have been eating bananas straight for the past 3 days.”

Brazil Fun Fact: Trucks like these exist.

Elder Eddington and I wanted to have a similar experience. We have 3 big dirt roads on the edge of our area. And we saw a banana truck like this, one time down driving on those three dirt roads. I read this experience from Elder Basden, and wanted to have a similar experience (since this would never happen in America). Well. We asked around, and people said the banana truck passed Saturday, so Saturday, we were walking around in the hot sun, looking for this stinking truck. But we couldn’t find it. After walking around for a while, we stopped, and prayed for an opportunity to buy bananas like that. A silly thing to pray for. But God answers prayers. We went to lunch at a member’s house, and we heard the truck drive right in front of his house. We both thought we missed our chance, that our one shot was gone. We left lunch, and felt like we needed to drop by one of our investigators, we walked to their house, and parked literally in front of their street was the banana truck. We paid 10 reais ($5) for 126 bananas. I was literally so happy all day. God answers prayers, no matter how tiny and trivial they are.

Well, this was long. I’ll try to keep it shorter next time, but just know that I love you all!


Elder Connor Weeks

Birthday Pizza

Birthday Pizza

126 Bananas in a Fridge (and 13 Liters of Cold Water)

126 Bananas in a Fridge (and 13 Liters of Cold Water)

Shake - Bananas & Milk

Shake – Bananas & Milk


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