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Letter 59: The People

November 17, 2014

Primeiro: We got transfer calls. I’m staying here in Clima Bom, but Elder Eddington is leaving. We don’t know who our companions are or what our area is until tomorrow morning. So next week, I’ll tell you all about my new comp.

I promised to talk about the people, so I’m going to do that.

First is Zeca. He’s our golden investigator. He was the referral from a non-member. He says he’s had questions about why there are so many churches around, and why Christ wouldn’t just establish one church on the Earth. He also has questions about where we go after this life, and what happened before. All the perfect ‘questions of the soul’ that the Book of Mormon answers. He’s on date for baptism the 22nd.

We have Cícero and Luciane. They’re the grandparents/guardians of a missionary in our ward named Johnathan. He’s serving a mission in São Paulo right now. Our new ward mission leader is helping them to be baptized on the 22nd of this month.

Nilza and Nivaldo, we picked up for a week while the other missionaries were out of the area. (This transfer had 7 weeks, and the others left for home after 6). So we’ve worked with them for a week, and they’re ready to get baptized, all they need to do is get married. We’re taking their marriage papers to the courthouse tomorrow, so they’ll be baptized just in time for the other missionaries to pick them up.

We went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and I learned a ton. I was with Elder Simão, in Clima Bom. He served here a little over a year ago, so he was already fairly familiar with the area. But the crazy thing is, I look at this ward, and all of the super firm members here, and when he was here, not even half of them were members yet. Brazil truly is an awesome place. Like Artur. He’s our Executive Secretary of the ward. He wants to serve a mission, but he said he needed to wait until April to go. This didn’t ever make sense to me. He was awesome, super firm, goes out with us a lot, why would he wait to go on a mission? Well, he was literally baptized last April. You need to wait a year after baptism before you can serve a mission. And for this, he has to wait. But the testimony of these people, so fresh in the gospel, is incredible.

And, to finish it all off: Brazil Fun Fact! A ton of stuff comes in this things called “Tetra-Paks”. If you look at my picture last week of the smoothie with banana, you’ll see the milk is in a box. Everything comes in these boxes. Ketchup, sweetened condensed milk, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, vegetables, everything. Milk is fun here. They sell it warm, and it has a shelf life of about 4 months outside the fridge if it’s unopened. But once it’s open, you have to drink it in 2 days (says the box) or about a week (says the missionaries),

But, thanks for all your prayers, and search out the miracles in your lives!


Elder Connor Weeks


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