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Letter 60: Companheir​o Brasileiro

November 17, 2014

Hey everybody! How’s your guys’ week going? Mine’s going pretty well, I’m loving the area, loving the people, and loving the mission.

Transfers were this week, and I stayed in my area, as I think you all know, and I got a new companion. Elder Borges. He’s from Rio Grande Do Sul, in the south of Brazil. He played a lot of video games before the mission, and I did too, so we’ve got that in common! He has 9 months on the mission, and he is an awesome missionary. He’s only had American companions for his mission, so he knows a little English. Our ward also got two other missionaries transferred in. Elder Lira and Elder Bezerra. They’re also Brazilians. I live with only Brazilians, so the Portuguese is going to have to come fast, but they say I speak like I’ve been here for a year. So that’s awesome!

Left to Right:  Elder Lira, Elder Weeks, Elder Bezerra and Elder Borges

Left to Right: Elder Lira, Elder Weeks, Elder Bezerra and Elder Borges

Fun Fact: The favorite game of missionaries here is called War. It’s like Risk, but everything’s in Portuguese. Almost everyone has a War game board in their house, and everyone plays it on P-Day. This game is good for two things, killing time on P-Day, and starting fights. So, let’s just say that one of our roommates has lost spectacularly the three times we played today, and so War is on the shelf for a little while.

Christmas has also officially begun here in Maceió! There are Christmas lights on nearly every street already. There’s no waiting for Thanksgiving to pass to get the Christmas decorations out. Especially since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. BUT–Thanksgiving is Thursday the 27th, it’s Elder Lira’s 1 year mark on Friday the 28th, and it’s Elder Bezerra’s birthday on the 29th. We’re going to throw a huge party! Just kidding. Not a huge party, but we are going to make 20 liters of juice! Yay!

As for the area, everything’s going great, our investigators are progressing, and we’re seeing little miracles here and there every day. One day we were trying to contact one of our less actives, who’s never home, but a man on the other side of the street called us over. We were teaching a teenager on the same street a while back named Wemerson. Well, this guy says that Wemerson was going to take him to church a couple of times, but he never stopped by to pick him up. Well, this dude called us over, said that the only thing keeping him from church is being alone on the way to church, and so we’ve started to teach him. Just little miracles that happen. It’s all about searching out the miracle in the midst of whatever happens.

Well, it’s a short one today, but thanks for the prayers, and the support!


Elder Connor Weeks

A quote from Elder Holland I'll talk about next week

A quote from Elder Holland I’ll talk about next week


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