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Letter 62: Yeah Emergency Transfers Yeah!

December 4, 2014

So this week, we got a phone call on Tuesday, saying that Elder Borges needed to pack his bags and be at the bus terminal Wednesday at noon. Yay surprises! This happens from time to time, an emergency transfer. Some missionary somewhere has a problem that can’t wait until the regular transfer to be taken care of, so we have an emergency transfer. Well, Elder Borges got on the bus for Sergipe (the other state in my mission), and I got babysat by the secretaries of the mission for a while, until my companion arrived.

The district before the transfer

The district before the transfer

My new companion is Elder Basso. He’s from Campinas in the state of São Paulo. He’s cool. He’s nerdy. We get along great. He was the companion of Elder Kimball down in Sergipe, and now Elder Borges is with Elder Kimball. I sent a letter and a book with Elder Borges to give to Elder Kimball. It was pretty cool.

But this week, we had interviews on Tuesday, the transfer on Wednesday, Elder Basso got sick on Friday, and meetings all day on Sunday, but it was still the most productive week of our transfer so far. This whole grab life by the horns thing really works.

I also received word this week from Elder Bush in the Redlands mission that John and Debbie, a couple I was working with in Yucca Valley, were baptized and confirmed this week. This made me super happy. 🙂

John & Debbie at their confirmation

John & Debbie at their confirmation

Time is short this week, you guys love me so much that I had soo many emails to reply to. But just know that I know that the Plan of Salvation is the truth. And if you don’t know what the Plan of Salvation is, it’s basically God’s plan for us. The happiest part of this plan is that families can be together forever. I know this is true because it’s how God would want it to be. We just need to trust in His plan, and everything will be alright.

Brazil Fun Fact: They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I ordered pizza and made a hand turkey to celebrate!

Thanksgiving - Brazil missionary style!

Thanksgiving – Brazil missionary style!

Elder Weeks

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