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Letter 63: Little LAN House

December 8, 2014

So, today’s a holiday here in Brazil. You ask people what holiday it is today, and one in ten people know. But, all I know is, that the LAN house that we usually use is closed for the holiday, and our backup LAN house is full of kids out of school playing League of Legends, so I’m using a computer in a “LAN house” that is actually 4 computers that are older than dirt, in some guy’s front room. The internet is super slow and laggy, and I’m afraid that if I plug my camera in, it’ll pick up malaria or something, so I’ll send a bunch of pictures next week. And I promise I have one of my companion and me.

Miracles are happening up in here. We have this recent convert named Marcelo. He has about 3 months of being a member. His parents never really gave us a second glance, but were always cordial, until this week. This week they turned into the most golden investigators I’ve ever seen. They used to drink and party. But we talked with them this week, and they have a firm desire to change. Like incredible. They decided that everybody was going to church this week, without us even talking to them. We came over, and they accepted everything, baptismal commitment, commitment to get married, read, come to church, everything.

The magical thing happened at church. We got there a little early, and only the daughter of the family was there. She said “They’re coming, they’re coming.” When the parents came into the chapel, the face of the daughter lit up. She was so happy. So happy. And I was happy for them. I was sitting there during the sacrament, and the daughter kept looking back to her parents, tears in her eyes. The mom was crying, and the son got up and bore his testimony about families and he started crying.

Families can be together forever. And I know that with these new investigators, the goal isn’t just baptism. I see them getting sealed in the temple for eternity. The gospel’s awesome, guys.

Love ,

Elder Connor Weeks


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