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Letter 64: Transferred, But Who Knows Where?

December 15, 2014

So this transfer has been crazy. To start, it was a transfer of just 5 weeks, instead of the 6 that a transfer usually is. Then, Elder Borges got transferred after two of the weeks. And Elder Basso was with me for three weeks. So this transfer flew by. We got the call yesterday about transfers, and Elder Basso, Elder Lira, and Elder Bezerra are all staying in Clima Bom, but I’m not. I’m getting transferred out of Clima Bom. But they don’t tell you where you’re going or what you’ll do until tomorrow morning at the transfer meeting. So I know that I am leaving, and I need to pack my bags. I bought a pack of cookies as a snack in case I have to travel a long distance.

We had a Christmas Conference this past week, and I got to see everyone from my MTC district there! I was so excited to be back with these Elders. It’s crazy to think that the last time we saw each other was over a year ago. President and Sister also gave everybody a Chocottone. It’s like a giant chocolate chip muffin. They made a 3D Christmas Tree out of the boxes on the stage. The conference was awesome. And it was a little hard to get back to work after, but our awesome investigators made it a whole lot easier.

Tree of Chocottone

Tree of Chocottone

My MTC District! (Sorry the bottom of the picture didn't come through.  I asked Connor to send it again,  but that won't happen until next week.)

My MTC District! (Sorry the bottom of the picture didn’t come through. I asked Connor to send it again, but that won’t happen until next week.)

My time here in Clima Bom is the time I’ve most grown on the mission I think. Not only in the language (because when I got here, I couldn’t even speak anything, but now I can keep up with my three Brazilian roommates), but as a missionary and as a person as well. I learned that lesson about wanting to change something, and having to do something about it. This has literally changed my life, guys. I’m learning how to use time. I’m realizing what’s important. I’m learning how to actually make myself a better person, more fit for the world. Because of this, I’m not annoyed or even a little bit sad that I haven’t had a baptism of my own yet on the mission. I’m seeing such growth, such conversion in myself, that even though I’ve been out here on the mission for a year and a quarter without “success”, I still feel accomplished.
Go make a difference in the world!


Elder Connor Weeks

Elder Basso and me

Elder Basso and me

Pasta we make every P-Day

Pasta we make every P-Day


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