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Letters 68 and 69: Week in Pictures

January 19, 2015

Editor’s Note:  On January 12, Connor sent us the explanation below with just pictures.  On January 19, his letter was to tell us the captions of the pictures he sent on January 12. I have combined the two here.

January 12:  So this week, I picked the same computer again. And I don’t have very much time. BUT I figured out that I can attach pictures if I unplug the keyboard. So I did that. But here you have a bunch of pictures as a summary of our week/life here in Beira Mar. Sorry they don’t have titles. I couldn’t type and look at the pictures at the same time 😦

January 19:  So. The mystery pictures. We’re in a different LAN house today, one with better computers, which is cheaper, closer to home, doesn’t have a million mosquitos buzzing around, and has TWO fans in it. I don’t know why we didn’t come here earlier.

Elder Connor Weeks
The picture of the fruitcake, is a fruitcake. Shout out Captain Obvious! No, but it was the fruitcake that Diogo gave us on Christmas that we enjoyed thoroughly.
Ice cream and Sprite was our treat for New Years Eve when we partied so hard that we ate the whole thing of ice cream. #TurnUp
The picture of me and the man in the white shirt. He is our Elder’s Quorum President. Right now, he’s actually up there in the United States with y’all. If anyone passes South Carolina, send a shoutout to him from me. I personally think he looks kind of like Lassetter from Psych, but you guys can be the judge of that.
The picture of the road is a normal road here in Cruz Das Almas, which is our neighborhood, and you can see up on the hill is Jacintinho, another neighborhood where our church is. We get to climb that hill every Sunday and for meetings! Yay!
The great and spacious building. This is the brand new “Parque Shopping”. The Portuguese word for mall is “shopping”. Yeah, they stole it from us. But this Parque Shopping is the newest mall in Maceió, and it right here in our area. We’re going to go there some day to see what it’s all about. It’s pretty big.
68-weeks sorenson
A selfie that Elder Sorenson and I took while we were turning up on New Years with ice cream.
The picture of a bunch of missionaries is our zone. A darling bunch of young men, if I do say so myself.
The inside of a bus. This is what a bus looks like in Brazil sometimes. Half of the time it’s like this. The other half of the time, imagine 4000 people here in that little space all sweating. That’s what it’s usually like. I like the bus when it’s like the picture.

68-alarm clock

The picture of my clock is when it was 88 degrees in our room at 9:47 at night in the middle of January. Brazil is kind of hot sometimes.


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