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Letter 73: Nobody’s Home

February 16, 2015

So. Ala Beira Mar is an awesome ward. We have awesome members that really like us. Today, we’re going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with members. They’re pretty neat. This week with Carnaval, all of Brazil does their youth camps. It’s summer here, so I guess it’s kind of the same. But literally all of our members are at youth camp, or traveling. We had literally 5 people in church yesterday. So that was pretty sweet. But the members that are here have nothing to do except for feed us. So that’s sick. Carnaval is actually really chill here, just because everybody leaves to go to other places, so nobody is here in the area right now, members, or non-members. We knocked some doors, and a guy on the street said ‘Hey, nobody’s home on this street’. Sweet.

But yesterday, one of those blocos, the things I talked about last week was going around our neighborhood. We were going back home, and this bloco– parade thing was on our street right in front of our house. Great. So we thought, let’s just jump one street over, and walk around behind it, then go home. Okay, jumped over one street, walked a little bit, and guess what, the bloco comes turning a corner right in front of us. Wow. You guys know Pac-Man? Yeah, that was our life yesterday, and guess what? We were out of the Super Pac-Dots. So, through a series of corners and trickery on our part, we evaded the bloco and arrived at home without any eggs or corn starch or anything getting thrown on us!

One of our investigator families moved way far away to Porto Calvo, which I’m not even sure where it is it’s so far away. It takes like 3 1/2 hours to get there from here taking one of the van/minibus things. The joke is that it’s still part of our ward, because our ward is crazy big. But it’s kind of hard to visit them way out there. Another of our families that we were teaching are kind of cooling off. The mom actually said that she gets sick whenever we take members over there to teach them. So yeah, we’re hoping that they’ll progress, but it’s kind of doubtful at this point. Victory Moment: Our 15 year old investigator, Paulo Ricardo, went to youth camp, along with two less-active young men, so hopefully they’ll come back on fire with the Spirit, wanting to keep going to church.

Long story short, we’re in need of new investigators. We’re going to teach every single member the Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ask for referalls, along with doing tons of contacts on the street, in our tiny little workable area. But yeah, I really hope that I have a story about a miracle to share with you guys this next week, because we’re looking for it.

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Elder Connor Weeks

Potato Smilies our Ward Mission Leader's wife made us!

Potato Smilies our Ward Mission Leader’s wife made us!

Delicious vegetable soup that yours truly made!

Delicious vegetable soup that yours truly made!

Minecraft Tree

Minecraft Tree

Moonrise over a pile of trash near the grota

Moonrise over a pile of trash near the grota


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