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Letter 77: Arapiraca

March 16, 2015

The internet’s being goofy, so I’ll have to keep it short here.

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing? So this week, I only got one response for the sign thing, and that was that it was a Lice Check Station, from Missy Klusman. I liked it! But unfortunately that wasn’t it. It’s the sign on all of the baptismal fonts; the words to the side are “Fonte Batismal”.

Secondly, shout out to my Mom and my Sister whose birthdays were ten and six days ago, respectively. Sorry I missed the opportune shout out, but I love you guys! And. Shout out to Team 1710 for winning Charimans AND the competition at the KC Regional. FIRST ROBOTICS!

So transfers happened this week, and I got transferred to a city in the interior of Alagoas called Arapiraca. The question this week is: What does Arapiraca mean? The sad thing is that it’s not a Portuguese word; it’s an indigenous language, so I don’t have any idea what it means. But this awesome city is awesome! Even though it’s off the coast a ways, it’s a lot cooler than Maceió, but still super hot.

You guys remember when I talked about “faltando água”? When your house doesn’t get any water from the street, and you live without water for a while? Well, Arapiraca is famous for that. Here you have water for three days, and don’t have it for four out of the week. Legit. But since we got here on Wednesday, it’s only not been here for two of the five days, so we’re a little above the average!

In other news, I’m training again! I got to the mission office, and President pulled me into a room and said “You’re going to train again and open an area in Arapiraca”. Two thoughts came into my head. ‘I’m training again? Really?’ and ‘Man, I’m not gonna be able to live without water.’ But it’s not too bad living without water. It’s just hard to wash clothes and take showers.

My companion’s name is Elder França. He’s from Belém, which means Bethlehem in Portuguese. But it’s actually a city in the Brazilian state of Pará. He’s not from the Gaza Strip, unfortunately. The good news is that he’s legit. He already knows a lot about being a missionary, and his only problem is that he’s shy, but we’re working on that.

Our ward’s super excited. We have a bishop that was called three weeks ago, and he’s already straightening everything up. It’s awesome to be here in a ward that is working.

But yeah, the internet keeps going in and out, so I’ll make sure to send pictures next week, because this week, it won’t work out. (And if I don’t respond to your email this week, I’m sorry; it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because I’ve been in the LAN an hour and had about 20 minutes of internet. Hey! Kinda like the water!).

Oops. Didn’t keep it short.


Elder Connor Weeks


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