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Letter 78: Gathering the Elect

March 29, 2015

So, thanks for all your input, and Arapiraca is an indian word. Arapiraca is one of the highest tobacco producing cities in the northeast, and maybe in all of Brazil, but the word itself means, “The Branch where the Parakeet Landed.” So yeah, that’s pretty legit. Aparently it’s the name of a tree also, but I have yet to see that tree. But it’s awesome!

This week, the trivia question is a math one again. In our house we have a “caixa d’agua”. Literally a water box. This water box holds 1000L. So, if it gets filled from the street to the top, then the water from the street stops and doesn’t start again for another week, how much water can my companion and I use (per shower) to take two showers every day for the week, without running out of water? (If you want, you can put it in gallons to apply better to the Imperial System there in the states!)

So this week, I was going to also put a scripture in here about how missionaries are called to gather the elect from the four corners of the Earth, but is having problems, so if someone can provide that scripture reference from the Doctrine and Covenants, you also get a shoutout.

I wanted to share that scripture because it looks like we found one of those elects, literally in the corner of the Earth.

We were walking around our area one day, after lunch, and I really wanted something sweet for dessert after lunch. (I’ve learned to eat on the mission. A lot.) So we were walking, and we see this guy selling little yogurt ice cream things out of a little cart. (Like an ice cream truck, minus the truck.) I said to Elder França, I bet that you won’t contact the ice cream man while I buy an ice cream! So that was the plan. We bought the ice cream (75 cents WOW!), and Elder França starts talking to this guy. Turns out he’s been less-active in the Foursquare church for about a month now, and is looking for a church. WOOHOO! We grab his address, and another ice cream because he insisted. But we had no idea where this place was.

So we start walking to his house, asking people on the street, where is road such-and-such? And everybody’s like, just keep walking. So we kept walking. For over an hour on dirt roads. When the people we talked to finally said, “oh, it’s the next street”, it was like an angel’s melody to the ears. Literally. From there, we set out looking for his house. And the house numbers are all jumbled up, so you have to start at one end of the street, and wander to the end to find it. But it was dark, so it was impossible to see the numbers. So we asked some people, “Do you know José Batista Alexandre dos Santos?” And they were like, “Oh yeah! He’s the second to last house on the street.” Seriously? So we set off up this hilly road, and arrived at the second to last house and knocked, ‘Hey, does José Batista live here?’ ‘No, it’s João Batista that lives here.’ Seriously? So we were like, okay, we’ll do the contact, even though it takes like an hour and a half to walk here. The lady that answered accepted a visit, and we marked a time to come back.

Well, because it takes so long to get there, and we had a super busy day that day, it didn’t work out to go down there until the next day. When we finally got down there, she was all like “Where were you guys yesterday? I cleaned up the house and was waiting for you guys to show up!” Humbling. BUT because of this, we know that she really wants to hear the message. And she lives literally in the corner of our area. Last street to the east, second to last house on the street. It’s a miracle that we found her, and it just shows that God knows where his children are, and what they need, and will put his servants in the right spot to get there.

Thanks for the support and everything y’all do for me! I love you all!
Elder Connor Weeks

Elder França and me in a bathroom selfie

Elder França and me in a bathroom selfie

Our District

Our District


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