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Letter 80: Mining for Baptisms

April 6, 2015

Sorry, I don’t have much time this week to send emails; we’re on our way to a ‘Secret Easter Bunny’ thing with our zone, so we’re kind of in a rush here.

This week was awesome, though. We had a district meeting, and the district is needing motivation, so I wanted to throw some energy into the missionaries. So for the meeting, I read in 1 Nephi when Nephi was building the ship and had to mine for minerals, and then I gave everybody a hunk of super-hard plaster. I said that there was a baptism inside, but they just had to break through to get it. And so for tools, I gave them a cotton swab. “What are we supposed to do with this??” Break the plaster. But then, I told them that there were tools hidden throughout the chapel, and gave them a clue (being the Holy Ghost), and they found spoons spread throughout the chapel. The spoons had things written on them that would help people be baptized. ‘Invite members to help teach’, ‘exact obedience’, ‘get rides for the investigators to church’. Things like that. They then used the spoons to carve out the laminated piece of paper that said ‘baptism’ on it.

We kind of made a huge mess in the room there, because some of the missionaries didn’t have the patience to dig out the paper, so they threw the plaster on the ground, providing a marvelous show of plaster fireworks, which took about 20 minutes for us six to clean up, but it was awesome. And now everybody’s excited 🙂

We met a girl named Juliana this week at conference. She had already gone to church two times in one of the wards here in Arapiraca, and was there for General Conference too. After the first session, a member introduced us to this woman and said, “These are the people that can help you mark your baptismal date.” What???

So she’s marked for baptism the 18th of April, and she’s awesome. She’s keeping the commitments, she’s reading, she understands everything we teach, all that’s left is baptism! So we’re really excited for that 🙂

As for General Conference, I really liked Michael T. Ringwood’s talk about being a leader, it’s a really good talk not only on the mission, but to apply afterwards as well. Here’s the link if you would like to watch it:

But yeah. hope you all had a great Easter, ours was full of more drunks on the street than usual, so that’s tight. And a lot of fish. The Catholic customs are very strong here, so we ate a ton of fish.

Hope this week is awesome for y’all!


Elder Connor Weeks

P.S.  Forgot my picture stick at home, sorry 😦

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