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Letter 82: Weakness

April 20, 2015

Let’s put some facts on the table. We’re all human. We all get tired. We all have weaknesses, whether or not we choose to admit it. We all have strengths and weaknesses. I personally can’t do a backflip. That’s a definite weakness of mine. But I read something in the April Ensign about weaknesses that made me step back and think about my life.

It’s located here in this link. It’s an article entitled ‘It’s not a Sin to be Weak’. And the author talks about weakness, how it is part of our natural frame. Saturday to Sunday, we fasted. We were fasting that a couple with whom we’re working could get married, so that they could keep the Law of Chastity, and then get baptized. The girl, Zenilda, is 16, and her mom didn’t want her to be baptized. So we were fasting for that (It worked. They’re working on getting married this week.). But we got home from church, and Elder França was so tired that he just fell asleep in the five minutes we were going to pass at home. This is an example of weakness. Our bodies are fallable. They fail from time to time. We get tired. But this doesn’t mean that we are failing before God.

But God has an awesome little trick up his sleeve. We’re human, we trip and fall flat on our faces sometimes, but God has promised that if we humble ourselves before him, and seek after him, he will help those weak things become strong.

The mission is awesome. It’s like a little laboratory of life. You are learning, learning, learning, nonstop. It’s like you’re out here. They say I’m in Arapiraca, but who knows where I am in truth, I just stick to this little area I’ve been assigned to and find the lessons to be learned here. I look at pictures of myself before the mission, and I don’t even believe that that guy used to be me. Those weaknesses that he used to have, through the mission, got made into strengths. This kid who couldn’t look a person in the eye and spent all day playing League of Legends is now talking with random people on the street about religion in a language that he didn’t even know a year and a half ago.

I have four months left, and so we’re gonna work every day to find all of the last tiny little lessons that God has for me. I’m here to help everyone to come unto Christ, myself included.

We’re gonna have a baptism this week, and I’m going to make funfetti cake that my mom sent to me (Wow, super cool American cake!).

But I love you all, and wish you the best. Keep an eye out for your choices, and what God wants to show you through your choices.


Elder Connor Weeks

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  1. vicki permalink

    This was awesome. Sister Taylor

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