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Letter 84: “We gotta work, work, to work things out!”

May 4, 2015

“We’ll make things right, the suuuuuun will shine!” (Elder França likes High School Musical)

This week was awesome! So. It all started with district meeting on Tuesday. I gave a training about trusting in the Lord, and following his direction in our work. The highlight was an activity in which I hid bananas all around the backyard of the church, we blindfolded half the missionaries, and the other half helped the blindfolded ones get to the bananas, showing how we need to trust in the Holy Ghost, and ask questions to get the direction we need.

We took this training and put it in overdrive. We worked super hard this week, trying to follow the direction that the Lord wants us to take in the area. We found 5 new investigators, one of which went to church, another received a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true in the first prayer he did, and accepted a baptismal date after a bunch of missionaries already tried working with him. We just worked a ton. I got to church exhausted. Completely wasted. But I know that it was what the Lord wanted, which is what I’m here on the mission to do.

And on the “missionary life” side, we were super hungry last night. But it was Sunday, so we couldn’t buy a pizza. So we looked in our fridge. We had flour, bologna, and white and brown sugar. I picked up a cook book that I had ‘stolen’ from a missionary that was going home, and saw a recipe. Pie Crust. LET’S GO! We made pie crust with flour, oil, and water. Then we sprinkled a whole bunch of sugar on top, with cinnamon, and threw it in the oven for a while (I’m not sure how long). Delicious. Definitely on the list of missionary approved foods.

Pie Crust Delight!

Pie Crust Delight!

Happy Mother’s day this week, and for all you missionary families, happy Skype!


Elder Connor Weeks

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