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Letter 85: Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

May 11, 2015

Shout out to the servers at Skype that didn’t crash yesterday with 80,000+ missionaries calling to their families to wish them a happy Mother’s Day! We really appreciate your service, allowing us to talk with our mommies 🙂 It was awesome to see my family yesterday, seeing them all growing up. I think I’m the shortest person in my family now.

Connor showing how much he loves his mom!

Connor showing how much he loves his mom!

But seriously though. My family’s awesome, and I’m gonna see them all in 100 days! Everybody send your mom a hug for “Merry Day After Mother’s Day!”

So this week was super slow. We went to Maceió for a mission leadership council. We left on Tuesday, the meeting was Wednesday, and they said I needed to renew my visa on Thursday, so I was going to stay another day. Well, we got there, and they told me that, no, I didn’t need to renew my visa, but that my ticket for the bus was still for the next day. So, I took advantage of the day with nothing to do in Maceió, and visited a family from Beira Mar, and ate lunch with them on Thursday.

Elder França got sick on Monday, and Friday, so those days didn’t serve for anything, and Sunday we spent the whole day messing with/preparing for the phone call, so we really worked only one day this week. BUT on that day, we took the instruction we received at Leadership Council, and applied it. And in receiving revelation for our area, we found two families that said that we could come back to share a message with them. We’ll go back tonight, and tomorrow to help them grow in their faith.

Another testimony that miracles happen. All we have to do is ask. Isn’t God awesome?


Elder Connor Weeks

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