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Letter 86: We Got Soda Money from a Drunk Guy!

May 18, 2015

So this week was interesting. Most of our investigators have stopped progressing, and are falling off the wagon. Even Zenilda, our guaranteed baptism once the marriage went through, moved to another city like 40 minutes away from Arapiraca by bus, so it’s kinda super hard to visit her. So, we’re in the rebuilding stage.

One way that you can find new people to teach is through visiting the less-active members in your ward. They are the people that haven’t been coming to church for a long time, but whose names are still registered on the church records. So, we set out with a list of 91 names, provided by the bishop, to go and find. The awesome thing is that these people have been outside of the church for a looong time, and the majority of the people aren’t really excited to see you at their door. The approach is ‘Hey, are you so-and-so? Oh, cool, do you want to come back to church?‘ We did that for almost everyone on the list.

These are their stories.


There was one old guy, we went to his house, did the approach, and he said, ‘No, take my name off the list’ and almost punched us. He’s like 60 years old. But luckily he didn’t punch us because he looked pretty fragile. I’m not sure if he would have withstood the blow.


Another house, we saw a man sitting in front of the garage. Cue approach. And he said, ‘No, I’m a mystic.’ whatdoesthatevenmean? ‘I follow my heart. I believe in reincarnation.’ Cool. ‘I believe that men can talk to plants.’ Sure, alright, but will they talk back? ‘I’ve seen angels, leprechauns, and wind spirits.’ Okay calm down. ‘So if my heart says to go to the Mormon church one day I’ll go. I like your church. It has a very natural energy in it.’ Right on. “Just know that you’re always welcome” I don’t even think he was on drugs at the time.

Author’s note, we didn’t actually say the stuff in small font.


We were searching another house, and the house number was missing. Where the house should have been, there was a huge church that had a bunch of people showing up for the services. Nice. So we start chatting with the lady in front. ‘Hey, what’s the street number of this building?’ She said it was the house we were looking for. ‘Does anyone live here?’ Nope, nobody lives here. ‘It says that an Edimilson lives here, do you know him?’ Then she was like “OH YEAH! That’s pastor Edimilson.” Turns out he’s been the pastor of the church for 20 years. Hmm… Do you think he wants to come back to our church?


Last but not least, we were going to the church for a Ward Council Meeting yesterday, and a drunk guy starts flagging us down. I thought, dang, well, he’s gonna ask us for money. NOPE! He started saying, ‘I like you guys. I like you guys. You guys are good.” Then he starts hugging us and breathing his beer breath in our faces. He then reaches into his pocket and grabs some money, “Go buy yourselves a soda. I like you guys. Go buy a soda.” He was also taking our hands, pushing them up against his chest to show his love or something. All this while I was trying as hard as I could to not laugh because of the absurdity of this situation. He then gives us the four reais, kisses our hands, then walks away. Too bad it was Sunday, so we couldn’t buy the soda. But it’s with that money that I bought some ramen today. Shout out to my homie!

I like Brazil.


Elder Connor Weeks

The Sisters made cake for França's birthday

The Sisters made cake for França’s birthday

França's birthday sandwich

França’s birthday sandwich



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