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Letter 87: Third Time’s the Charm

May 25, 2015

This week is transfers!

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Elder França, which is actually a shame. He’s been one of my favorite companions so far, so I’m sad to see him go. He’s going down to Sergipe tomorrow, to be in Elder Kimball’s zone. I’m going to stay here in Arapiraca, and I’m going to train another new missionary! This is the third new missionary in a row! I only have 12 weeks left on the mission, the same amount of time it takes to train a missionary, so it looks like this companion will be the last. So I’m not sure who he is until I go to Maceió tomorrow to pick him up, but it looks like the only missionaries arriving are from Brazil, Mozambique, and Cape Verde, so we’ll see who I get to be with next week!

So, there’s a brick wall in our backyard. We defrosted our freezer and there was that little bit of ice left over, you know? What do you do with that leftover ice? Throw it against the wall, of course! So we were throwing the ice, breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces, until there was only one left to throw. Elder França gave his very best discus impression, spun around and let the ice loose. Well. There exists here in Brazil, pipes that put water into your water box to use in the house. This last piece of ice squarely hit the pipe that fills our water box, shattering the pipe. Water started shooting out everywhere. We didn’t have any idea what to do. Elder França tried blocking off the water, but just ended up taking a nice cold shower. It was like Old Faithful opened up in our backyard. I ran to the front and shut off the register pulling water from the street.

We had a ton of water on the ground, a pipe busted, AND we were out of ice to throw. I looked at the break and thought. ‘Duh. Duct tape.’ We went to the hardware store, but they didn’t have duct tape. Well, maybe they did, but I don’t know how to say duct tape in Portuguese. So we ended up buying super glue and electrical tape. Let me tell you, that does NOT fix a pipe. We reopened the water, and Old Faithful returned to get her revenge. But our bishop’s a plumber, so he fixed it up for us. And, most importantly, showed us how to fix it, so when it happens again, I’ll know how to fix the situation 🙂

Lesson learned: They don’t have duct tape in Brazil.

Also, our ZL hurt himself in a fake war that we did in district meeting to show the importance of following up. That’s a whole nother story. He twisted his ankle, and couldn’t walk. So my companion and I decided to go there and take some chocolate to him. We went to the ‘Lojas Americanas’. Literally ‘American Stores’. It’s like K-Mart. They were selling boxes of chocolates for 7 reais. And the chocolate is bomb. (They also had Reese’s on sale, so I grabbed one of those). So we bought two of those and took them to the ZL’s house. On the way, it started raining. Then it started raining harder. Then it started raining harder. Then it started raining harder. All that until it was like the Perfect Storm. My companion and I were without umbrellas, and we had all of our books, scriptures, everything with us, everything getting super wet. Luckily my bag’s “water-resistant”, but still, everything got a little wet. But hey, we made the visit to the ZL’s and they seemed at least a little happy to receive the chocolates and get a visit from two soaking wet missionaries leaving wet footprints all over the house.

Lesson learned: Always take an umbrella.

Our bishop asked us to work in a couple of neighborhoods in our area that haven’t been really well worked by missionaries. There are very few members, and our records don’t show that the missionaries have done any work there, so we knocked a lot of doors this week. It gave almost nothing. So yeah, that was our week.

Lesson learned: Knocking doors is really not that fun.

Thanks for all the support! Until next week!


Elder Connor Weeks

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