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Letter 88: The Last Airbender (Companion)

June 8, 2015

The question on everyone’s mind is: Who’s Elder Weeks’ new companion?


My new and final companion is Elder Melo. He’s from a city called Natal in the state Rio Grande do Norte. Natal means Christmas. So yeah, my last companion was from Bethlehem and this one’s from Christmas. They’re very religious with their city names here in Brazil. He’s fresh from the MTC on his mission, but was able to spend one week on the mission with his brother in São Paulo before coming here, so his brother already gave him a taste of the missionary life. He also has a sister who is serving in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil. He’s the youngest of 6 kids, 5 of which will serve, are serving, or have served a mission.

Elder Melo and me

Elder Melo and me

He’s awesome, and already knows a lot about being a missionary. He’s got a fire for missionary work that won’t be put out. Sometimes we’ll be walking, conversing, and he’ll cut himself short in the middle of a sentence to make a contact. He’s like the new Elder from the Best Two Years, I think, with all that spunk. But he’s awesome, and I think we were put together so that I don’t cool off at the end of the mission, because he’ll be pulling me along. I’m super glad for that 🙂

We’ve worked more in the neighborhoods that the bishop pointed us to: did a ton of contacts and knocked a ton of doors, and have found a bunch of potential investigators, so hopefully that all works out this week, and we have something to share with y’all back home next Monday!

Something cool here in Brazil is their hot dogs. They’re called ‘cachorros quentes’ which literally means hot dog. But, you order one, and you get this bun full of everything. It’s got potato chips, corn, peas, carrots, pepperoni, and who knows what else on it, and you look and see zero hot dogs. You begin to eat, carving out a hole in this monster of a roll, and there in the bottom is the little hot dog, crushed by everything, but hey, it makes a hot dog a hot dog, right?

A Brazilian Hot Dog

A Brazilian Hot Dog

But yeah, my new companion’s loving the mission, I’m loving the mission–what else can you ask for?


Elder Connor Weeks
I bought a Reese's

I bought a Reese’s

It's like the same.

It’s like the same.


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