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Letter 89: Uma Oraçãozinha (A Little Prayer)

June 8, 2015

Hey, so this week I got a little carried away looking at the other emails so my letter will have to be cut a little bit short. But I wanna take a moment to testify that I am very happy that our church teaches about prayer and its role in our lives.

We can receive answers to our prayers. We can know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers. The first thing we as missionaries do when we teach someone is ask them to pray to know if the things that we have taught are true. Maybe the way we pray is different than the way that they’ve prayed their entire life, and it’s something entirely new for them. We were teaching a woman this week, and I asked her if she’d ever received an answer to a prayer. She said no.

I got so sad in that moment, because here she is, a woman of more than 50 years, who hasn’t received an answer to a prayer, whereas I’ve been taught since I was little that you can pray to Heavenly Father about anything, even if it’s that you lost your keys. I actually lost my nametag this morning. (How does a missionary lose his nametag?) And I said a little prayer in my heart that I’d be able to find it. Soon after, Elder Melo found my nametag on a shelf that I never ever touch. Just one more on a heap of answered prayers during my life. I’m still working on praying with sincerity and then following through with my actions, but it’s always a process, isn’t it?

I love you all, I don’t have time to send pictures, but next week, we’ll see what I come up with, okay?


Elder Connor Weeks

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