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Letter 90: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

June 16, 2015

It’s raining a little bit here in Arapiraca.

It rains a little here in Brazil!

It rains a little here in Brazil!

We’re in the winter, which means that it cools off a liiiittle bit, but just rains every day. How you put clothes on the line to dry in the rain is beyond me, but they end up getting dry by some miracle. But it’s awesome here.

The biggest news of the week is that we have a family that we’ve been working with for a loooong time, the parents’ names are Carlos and Vera and they’ve always been flaky on the commitments, especially going to church. Well, this week, they went! It was a huge step, all thanks to the idea of Elder Melo, who said that we should watch The Restoration movie with them. Carlos, afterwards, said that now he knew that everything about Joseph Smith was true.

Also, here in Arapiraca, there’s a festival called São João, or Saint John. How it works is that people buy a bunch of fireworks and firewood. They spend the week leading up to this day shooting off fireworks, actually the word is bombs. They light these bombs, and make a bunch of noise that seems like gunshots. Then, this weekend, they make bonfires in the street. There was at least 5 bonfires burning in the street on every street we walked on Friday. This throws a bunch of smoke into the air, and you go home smelling like you spent a week at scout camp. (Shoutout for scout camp this week). They let the bonfires get really low, just to coals, then they put corn on it, and eat grilled corn. I’ll talk a little bit more about the love of corn during this time of year, but for now, just have this picture of a mountain of corn being sold in a square in our neighborhood.

Corn for sale!

Corn for sale!

Elder Melo found two tiny unused bombs on the street and put them in his pocket. I had forgotten about these bombs until we got back home, and he went out front to see if we had water coming from the street. The next thing I knew, there was an explosion in the front of the house, and a huge wave of laughter coming from my companion. I had been so startled, it was like I had jumped super high, and my companion was laughing in my face. We calmed down, and planned, then Elder Melo went out front again, and threw the other bomb. And I did the same thing. I don’t do well with loud noises.

We also planted beans! We’ll give you a picture every week of the progress. We started them this Tuesday, just in wet cotton. But I put it in dirt today, so hopefully we get a harvest before I go home!

Beans growing in cotton

Beans growing in cotton

Elder Connor Weeks
The district after transfers

The district after transfers

Elder Melo

Elder Melo


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