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Letter 91: I Got Robbed!

June 25, 2015

JK! I didn’t get robbed for reals. Ha. Scared ya, didn’t I?

This week was stake conference, and as part of stake conference, we had a “Night of Parables” in which every ward in the stake did a play based on a parable in the Bible. Our parable was the Good Samaritan. And guess who was the guy who got robbed, beat up, and had ketchup squirted all over his face. That’s right. The gringo. But it was super fun! The people really liked our play, and laughed a lot. The Good Samaritan dumped a bunch of water on my face and put a bandage on my head which was a paper towel and packing tape wrapped around my head like three times. That didn’t feel too good to rip off, but hey, it was fun.

91-Connor Robbed


Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Life wouldn’t be the same without y’all!

We found a bunch of new investigators this week, through less actives, through contacts, through members, through everything. We’re going to work really hard this week to mark their baptisms.

The beans are doing well, they’re growing and are pretty tall. I gave names to them. The tallest is Dani, the second tallest is Bru, the third is Jenny, and the last one is Renan. So yeah. After I gave the names to them, they started to grow vrey well. I learned that beans like to be loved.

Sorry the email’s so short, I am bad at managing time.


Elder Connor Weeks

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