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Letter 92: São João

June 29, 2015

So. Today was a zone P-Day. We went to one of the chapels and played Uno and kicked around a soccer ball (which I’m getting a little better. Serving in Brazil helps with that). And it was really fun, but now it’s time to get back to the old grind.

The people we’re working with are:

Carlos and Vera. They’re a really cool couple. We’ve been working with them forever, and they’ve always been kind of flaky, but recently, they’ve been progressing a lot. Vera never wanted to pray, she always got all shy when we asked her, but we taught a couple lessons to her, and now she prays frequently. We just need to work with her now to know that this is the path she should follow, because Carlos already prayed and knows that everything that we teach is true. Then, once they know that the church is true, we’ll be able to help them get married (they’ve lived together more than six years without being married), and then they can be baptized! They have a 16 year old daughter who recently had a baby. Actually last Sunday she had the baby, a couple hours after church.

John and Alice. We’ve also been working with these guys forever. When Elder França and I went there, they always were never at home, then re-marked for another day, then weren’t at home, then when we got a lesson in, they were kind of unconnected to the lesson, but this week we were able to teach them again. Our goal was for him to pray to receive an answer that he should be baptized, but we went to do the prayer with him, and he said that he’d already received an answer and knew that it was all true and even asked to be baptized. That was an unexpected surprise, but certainly a welcome one. He’s marked for the 18th of July, but he and his wife also need to get married, so we’ll work with them to get that done ASAP.

This week I’ve eaten more corn than I have in my entire life. This time of year is the time of São João, and all people eat is corn. I’ve eaten corn boiled, corn cooked over charcoal, corn paste called canjica, corn pulp called pamonha, and popcorn. We wanted to be part of this mania, so we bought some corn and cooked it at home. It reminded me of those days shucking corn in the backyard, but different, because I’m in Brazil. Attached are some pictures of our corn fest. The shirt I’m wearing is a jersey of the soccer team Flamengo. It’s the best soccer team in Brazil, so I’m kind of a fan now. 🙂

Cornhuskers (shoutout to my Grandma Bates who is from Nebraska!)

Cornhuskers (shoutout to my Grandma Bates who comes from Nebraska!)



But other than that, we’re all good. It’s raining every day, and I accidentally gave my umbrella to a young man from the ward yesterday, so hopefully we can get that back today, but other than that we’re doing just great! Happy Fourth of July this week. My companion and I are going to roast hot dogs and sing the national anthem this Saturday.


Elder Connor Weeks
More Corn

More Corn

Even More Corn!

Even More Corn!

Elder Melo with Corn

Elder Melo with Corn

Our beans

Our beans

Surprise Selfie

Surprise Selfie


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