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Letter 94: Miracles Happen

July 14, 2015

July 13, 2015

So I’ll tell you a story. You can choose to believe it or not, but here it is.

Last Sunday, we fasted so that we could baptize this month. We have a bunch of people investigating the church that have potential to be baptized this month, so we were expecting to baptize at least one of them this month.

But. Last P-Day (Monday), we were coming back from the Zone Leaders’ house because we ate lunch there, after we sent emails. And we were just walking, messing around, and out of nowhere this man stops us and starts talking to us. This happens a lot, so at the beginning, I wasn’t really too interested.

So this man starts telling a story about how he sells jewelery, and came to Arapiraca with a person promising him that he had a huge deal here in Arapiraca, so he sold everything he owned and moved here. When he got here, there was nothing. The other man had lied. So now he’s here, with nothing to his name. When we found him, he only had R$2.50 (about 80 cents). Not even enough to buy a kilo of rice. Then he starts talking about how he is way behind on payments in an inn, and he was without hope, and about all of his health problems. It was really a sad story.

But last Sunday, he went to church in a different chapel here in Arapiraca. And while he was there, he got really sick. His diabetes and everything struck at the same time and he had a seizure in the classroom. They got him calmed down enough to give him a priesthood blessing. When they gave him the priesthood blessing, he said that he felt 90% perfect, and was able to sit and listen to the rest of the meetings. While he was telling us this, he said that it corresponded to a dream he had had in which he was sick, and two men put their hands on his head and he became cured in that exact moment.

This brings us the huge conclusion of that first story. He said that he knew that our church was true, because of the healing that was done on him. He went on to say that he and his daughter would get baptized in our church. That, my friends, is a miracle.

The church helped him get his supplies to start selling jewelry again, and helped him to get even on the amount owed to the inn, so his financial situation is all better now.

We taught him every day this week, and he accepted every commitment before we even extended them. Elder Melo mentioned in passing that we don’t drink coffee. Antonio, the miracle man, said ‘I drank coffee this morning, but now that I know, I’ll never drink coffee again.’ He talks about how he doesn’t want to just be a member that sits on the bench, but that he wants callings; he wants to act for God here on the earth. His daughter has also expressed interest in being a Sister Missionary. It’s just an awesome case here. He used to be a pastor in the ‘Assembly of God’, a church that they have here. He said that he used to bash the Mormons and tell all sorts of lies about them to the church-goers, and that he even prohibited that his daughter read the Book of Mormon when she was younger. But all that changed.

I can only think of the People of Ammon in the Book of Mormon, how their conversion was so great that they left everything beside. They used to battle against their enemies and delight in bloodshed, but after their conversion, they buried their weapons in the earth and would rather suffer death at the hands of their enemies than take up their arms again, because they knew how it offended God, and they had the faith to keep away from those things. It’s an incredible amount of faith.

He and his daughter, Jane, are going to get baptized this Saturday, so prepare yourselves for a bunch of pictures next week! (Because I forgot to take pictures this week…)

I love you all!

Elder Connor Weeks


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